Introduction Of HOW TO DO SEO in 2022 POSITION a WEBSITE on GOOGLE

HOW TO DO SEO in 2022 POSITION a WEBSITE on GOOGLE. How to do it or this year that is what I have been doing it or since 2005 and in all these years things have changed a lot because to start in 2005 Google was practically a baby in diapers and nowadays Google Not only googles but all search engines, in general, is much more intelligent and over the years.

Common Sense An SEO Strategy

I have seen a series of patterns that are key for your web positioning strategy to work and if it is on e-pages or off-page meta tags structured data All that is important but all that has no value if is not fulfilled and the first aspect that I want you to take into account when doing SEO is common sense, but common sense an SEO strategy, in fact, any online.

Strategy is a matter of common sense and being very clear about the task of a search engine like google well the task is what e for a certain search that the user does, google has the enormous task of finding the ten best web pages in the entire internet universe and that is a huge task because there are many billions of web pages on the internet, so.


If you want to position your content among the top 10 for a certain search because common sense says that your web page must be at least as good as the rest of the 9 results that appear in google in other words if you want to conquer position 1 if you have to remove it to someone and if you are going to see the content of that someone and that content is very good, extraordinary on a specific topic.

SEO Strategy Based On Optimizing Meta Tags

Because you have to create better content that is what common sense says, common sense also tells me that if I create a paragraph on a web page and I want to position that well hey good luck kid because you’re going to have it very complicated and it doesn’t matter how optimized your meta tags are God I have seen everything, so I have seen many online businesses.

That have an SEO strategy based on optimizing meta tags and then the content itself is quite bad and no matter how much it optimizes its meta tags if the content of your web page is not good Well, you will not have any option to position and common sense tells me that if I create a web page with paragraph this tiny, then hear the value that. You Can Also Read Impostor Syndrome In Entrepreneurship.

I am contributing with that content close to 0 with which I am not giving absolutely any reason to google to put my content on page 1 then use common sense when you do your SEO strategy and put yourself a little in the position of Google and the other search engines and try to understand what their task is and you make it easy for them the second aspect.

The Content In SEO Is The King

I want that you take into account when you do so is the content and if I already mentioned this above but it is that it deserves a section in itself the content in SEO is the king The only way to a position in Google is to have better content than the rest if I want to occupy position 1 my content must be the best on that subject the best that exists can be text content.

It can be a video that is hosted on my website or a video on youtube then an SEO strategy makes no sense if it is not based against in fact it is that being ugly is creating the best possible content that solves a certain intention of the user and if the content is king the queen is user experience and that is the fourth point that I want you to focus on when becoming.

A user experience this year more than ever the user experience is vital, it is key to not only occupy the top positions of google but to keep the user experience at the top It means how happy users are when they come to your website and how happy I brought it to google, that is, google using metrics you will see If the user when arriving at your website is happy with the content or is not happy with the content then.

Marketing For Google Itself Google Wants Us All To Follow

If the user experience is bad maybe you have been lucky and have reached the top positions of google but you will constantly go down until you disappear from position 1 and if you use common sense a bit it has all the logic because google is not going to position at the top in the results content with which users are not happy.

That would be very bad marketing for google itself google wants us all to follow Using your service and the only way that this will happen is by providing a very good service, that is, by providing relevance in the search results when someone does a search, a user above google will show us the best results for that search, because if not Well.

I’m going to go to another service, I’m going to go to a yahoo, I’m going to go to a yandex, I’m going to go to a bing, then by the cue itself. nta that brings each of these companies each one of them the first results will always pamper them a lot and they will take into account the user experience metrics and think a little for example if you go to the cinema, you will a movie and you leave after 10 minutes, well.

SEO Expert You Do Not Need To Know Everything

The people who have seen you come and go after 10 minutes will automatically think that you are not liking the movie, however, if you go to see a movie and you stay from beginning to end until The credits run out because the people who see you may assume that the movie has enchanted you, it is even more so if you return the next day to see the same movie because again.

If people see you the same people as the day before, they will be able to conclude that that movie is going to be your favorite because a bit of the same is google you can think of it as a movie theater then a movie is going to be shown one day that is to say a web page and see what is the user experience with that web page people leave within 3 seconds of reaching.

The web page or they stay 20 minutes what happens that Google does not do this once a day but makes millions of iterations a day and if the user experience that you offer people who come to your website is that they leave 10 minutes after the start of the film, that is, 5 seconds after reaching your website well, hey, you will be on the bill for a very short time if.

I am adding value to you with I would appreciate this video if you could give it a like right now because in that way youtube is going to promote this video a little more this is how youtube works if there is interaction with a video. After all, today it is willing to promote it a little more, and the fourth aspect that I want you to take into account when doing or this year is.

That you work smarter not harder to become or as an expert you do not have to be an SEO expert you do not need to know everything you do not need to know that it is structured data probably You don’t really need it, simply apply what you need if you are a pse professional or hey of course but we freelance freelancers, entrepreneurs small business owners, we are not experts if you can be very good at SEO but your daily task is to make your work.