HOW TO DO EMAIL MARKETING FROM SCRATCH. If you want to start in email marketing and you do not know very well where to start or you have started with email marketing and it is not working for you and you do not know what to do practical guidelines on the steps you should take to get started in email marketing and to improve your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Consists Of Communicating

If you already have it implemented in your online business. that is, the one that obtains the best results when you invest money in it: better results than SEO, better results than social networks. Email marketing consists of communicating with your clients or potential clients through email and if you think that email is out of date, it is out of date.

Because you are wrong, I’m sorry to tell you, email continues to work very well. It is also a channel where you can add a lot of value to your contacts. Yes, but the theory is fine, but let’s get to the practical, what can I do today. Well, I’ll tell you. If you already have an online business or if you are going to launch soon, you should implement a strategy to capture contacts, that is, somehow people.


When they visit your website that they can enter their email to join your mailing list. Ya, I’m hearing you, and how do I do that? Well, you only need two things, a web page or a landing page also called a landing page, and then on the other hand an email service provider, and what you do is integrate one with another, that is, you connect your service provider to email with your landing page or with your website.

It Is A Very Competitive Market

And what email service provider do I use? Well, there are many, it is a very competitive market. In the last 10 years, I have tried practically everything that is under the sun and I can recommend three, and I will tell you in which cases you can use each one. The first and probably the best known is Mailchimp. Mailchimp is very good when you only want to capture contacts.

Which are also called leads, this anglicism that you hear so much out there, leads, well a lead is a contact, a person who signs up for your distribution list. Then Mailchimp is perfect to start you in email marketing because for now, the only thing I recommend that you do is capture contacts, that is, that people sign up to your email list. You Can Also Read 9 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2022 | How to Make Your Online Business Better in 2022.

Mailchimp offers you a free account as long as you have less than two thousand contacts so it is perfect to get started. And why are people going to sign up for your email list? Well, think about why you sign up for the email list of others. Most of the time because you perceive that this company is going to add value to you, that is, you are going to receive valuable emails.

What You Give In Exchange For An Email

In other situations then maybe you sign up because they offer you a discount. At the end of the day, you have to contribute value in one way or another and you have to define what value you contribute to your audience. From my experience, normally people are going to point little to this typical banner that puts sign up for my newsletter and people put their email and sign up.

From time to time someone will sign up but very few. Where you are going to get leads, that is, for people to sign up is by giving something of value in return, and this something of value can be an ebook, a pdf document, that talks about something that of course is related to your business. So that ebook, that pdf, people can it once they sign up to your email list.

And this is called a lead magnet since we continue with the Anglicisms: the lead magnet is what you give in exchange for people signing up for your newsletter. What you have to think about is what you give in exchange for an email. For example, here at Tribu Olaf and the first comment because we offer mega guides on very specific topics.

Email Marketing: You Create A Free Account In Mailchimp

Facebook, SEO, how to prevent your emails from going to spam, okay. All of those are lead magnets and in that way, I’m adding value to my audience: if you want to download it, great, you have to fill in your email, and if you don’t want to download it, then too. And your audience will be willing to give you their email as long as you add value to them; is more.

I would recommend that you contribute more value than expected, that is if I create a Facebook guide and when I download it from your website, you give me three sentences and now, well, at that moment I have lost trust in you and will probably unsubscribe me from your email list. However, if I sign up and what you give me.

What you offer me, exceeds my expectations, well then, hey, you’ve just won a loyal follower, and probably at some point, you’ve also won a client. So that would be phase 1 of email marketing: you create a free account in Mailchimp, connect Mailchimp with your website, and on your website, you put an option for people to download whatever you think is convenient.

You Can Also Start Your Email Marketing

Whatever makes sense in your business, in your market, you give it to people for free in exchange for their email. It can also be for example a webinar; you are going to do a free webinar and people to attend the webinar have to sign up to your email list. The fundamental thing here is to add value in one way or another or many ways at the same time:

You can have several lead magnets at the same time. So that way you will be getting your first contacts, those contacts will be stored in Mailchimp, and occasionally because you’re going to communicate with them through a newsletter, a newsletter that you can send weekly or every two weeks, that you see. If you have an eCommerce created in Shopify then the email provider.

That I recommend is Klaviyo. Klaviyo is the email provider that best integrates with Shopify, okay. So in that case I recommend Klaviyo and not Mailchimp. Klaviyo is also free for accounts with less than 250 contacts. Then you can also start your email marketing journey for free using Klaviyo as long as your website is created in Shopify.

Well then, your lead magnets, your ebooks, your pdfs, your webinars are succeeding and people sign up and your email list keeps growing and growing. Well, I would recommend that once you reach 100, 200 contacts you start thinking a little more strategically. At that moment you are already interested in starting automation and automation is not bombarding your audience with more emails, no, no. Automations is precisely to add more value to your contacts.