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The Internet and the digital marketing They are basic pillars for the permanence and growth of businesses. The ultimate proof of this statement was the Covid-19 pandemic that came into our lives in March 2020. Those companies that knew how to digitize were able to survive.

Over the years working on digital marketing, I have spoken with many people who have in mind to open a business or who already have one and who do not know how to take it to the world of the Internet… Do I need a web page? Do I upload videos to TikTok? How do I sell? How do I charge? Although all of the above depends on many variables, in the following paragraphs I intend to shed some light on the matter.

By implementing a digital strategywe must take into account the following:

  • What product or service do I market?
  • Where is my target or target audience, what habits does it have?
  • What objective do I intend to achieve through the internet?
  • Make my brand known
  • Consideration among my potential consumers,
  • Sell,
  • Address doubts or complaints from my clients,
  • Don’t forget me and buy me again
  • What human and material resources do I have?
  • How much time am I willing to invest?
  • In how many months or years do I want to see results?

Develop a website

In a paragraph above I put the word page in quotes, which is how the vast majority of people refer to a website. The correct term is website, which is made up of several pages.

The advantage of having a site is that the published information does not have to adhere to the rules of Facebook, Instagram either Youtube. The owner of the site is responsible for the information it contains. Regardless of the business you want to digitize, having a website will always be a good option.

Some of the basic characteristics that it must have are: that it be responsive, that is, that it be seen correctly on cell phones, a clear description of what it is about (what service or product does it offer, in what country and area are they located?), data including a form (how can I communicate with the company?), policy for the use of cookies and personal data, original information, not copied from any other site, images or photographs over which rights are held (not downloaded without authorization).

To develop a website there are two ways to do it:

1. Use a web designer, programmer or expert agency.

2. Do it yourself through website builders such as Weebly, Jimdo, GoDaddy, among others.

In either case, it must be taken into account that a domain (name for the site; it’s what goes between www and .com) and a hosting (physical space where the site information is stored). Some of the site builders offer them for free in exchange for carrying your brand on the domain.

Within a website it is possible to add the functions of electronic commerce and payment gateways such as PayPal. Within this point, it is essential to think about how the logistics will be carried out for the delivery of what is purchased. What parcel service to use, how to calculate shipping costs, how to let the customer know the route of his product, what guarantees to offer?

Once the website is ready, it is necessary to implement one or several campaigns to generate traffic. It can be through SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In the first, you pay for clicks, in the second, you pay for all the work required to generate valuable content.

Sell ​​across platforms

Selling through Mercado Libre, Amazon, Linio, Didi Food, Uber Eats, among others, has its advantages. They take care of all the logistics, they are recognized brands that the public trusts, people arrive almost alone to their sites or applications. On the other hand, the commissions they charge are high and in many cases it is necessary to increase the cost of the products in order to obtain a profitable profit.

Social networks

Social networks fulfill the function of creating a communication bridge with the target audience. They can also be a sales channel; especially paying for advertising on them. To be successful, it is necessary to be constant in publishing content of interest and that it is original.

It is not essential to publish the content daily, there are several ways to schedule it. In the case of Facebook and Instagram it can be done from CreatorStudio. Twitter has TweetDeck. For these same social networks and others, it can be done from Hootsuite or HubSpot (to mention the most famous tools).

In any case, as a former boss always told me: “it is easier to use the technology already created than to invent a new one”. On the internet there are solutions for almost every type of business and need, some free and others paid. It is not necessary to discover the black thread, but to learn to use the tools that suit each company.

A correct strategy to digitize a business must be supported by the analysis of metrics. Measure everything you can on the internet: web traffic, followers, sales, engagement, customer satisfaction, time spent on a certain page and endless other things. The important is be disciplined and consistent. Having digital properties on its own can represent an independent business and requires a lot of work and learning.

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