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How to create a website step by step

The era of online business is already a fact and it is positioning itself as the most important “showcase” when it comes to managing and promoting the products that you want to market.

With this in mind, if you have a business or company and still don’t use a website and social networks, you are staying in the past and risk becoming obsolete.

To position the company, the business, products or services that you want to market, the ideal is to convert the physical store into a virtual store.

That is why having your own Web page will open the way to a new digital world. This post will mention how to create a website step by step.

Set idea and website

This would be the first step since you must be clear about what you want or what the website will be about, decide the main objective, as well as the functions you want.

There are many options, which have the potential to generate good income via the internet.

When deciding or choosing the name, it must be easy to remember as well as according to the essence of the business, since this is essential in order to position itself in search engines.

Register the domain

After having the name, you must register the domain that becomes the address of the website. This should be short, simple, transparent and suggestive.

The reason for its length is that if it is too long it will be difficult to remember. In addition, symbols or special characters and also numbers should be avoided.

The name must reflect the brand so as not to fall into confusion, as well as give suggestions with a sign or a clue of what the business sells or promotes.

With the name you must select the extension of the domain, which are (.com, .net, .es, among others).

Finally, with the complete domain, it must be registered through an official registrar, choosing the one of your choice with an adjusted price that ranges from a couple of dollars to 15 dollars. Although there are also some of a Premium character with values ​​that exceed 1000 dollars.

There are also platforms like Zyro, ideal for creating websites that include the domain within their plans.

web hosting

If you already have an online address, you have to find where to host all the information about it so that users can access it when entering the domain.

This hosting is called hosting and can be purchased with the same official registrar or you can look for external hosting.

In addition, this service provides continuous state-of-the-art security monitoring, giving it protection and guaranteeing the protection of the information stored there.

Companies that provide hosting services have several options and different types of plans suited to the needs of the website.

shared hosting

It is the one where two or more websites live on a physical and determined server. It is highly recommended for new sites because of its economy, being able to store as many as possible with a guaranteed operability of almost 100%

Private server or VPS

This hosting service is recommended for experienced or more advanced users since it has a technique called virtualization as well as a very strong physical server.

It has the characteristic of dividing to create virtual servers allowing the administrator to adapt their hosting according to their needs with great advantages.

Likewise, autonomy and customization capacity, dedicated resources, ease of expansion, virtual technology security, as well as low cost are some of the most relevant advantages.

Dedicated server

It is used mostly by large companies or multinationals that manage very large customer and user databases as well as information traffic at incredible speed.

Security, quality, speed as well as maximum performance are characteristics that represent this type of hosting.

If all this is a complex for you, with Zyro, like the domain name, hosting is included in any of the plans it offers.

Choose a site builder (CMS)

If you already have the address or domain of the site and the accommodation or hosting appropriate to your needs, it is time to find a way to order, build and manage your website.

It is there where the information visible to the public will be stored, be it text, music, photos, videos, documents of any kind and everything that you want to manage.

That is why some options adapted to the needs of each case are detailed so that with a few clicks the appropriate interface can be downloaded and installed.

Some examples are WordPress or Joomla.

create content

This is one of the most important aspects of the web page to be created since the success of the project to be undertaken depends on it.

Each page must be loaded with the information of the products and/or services that the business is going to provide as well as the knowledge that they must have of it.

  • The Logo: It must be in the upper part highlighting the service or product that is offered.
  • Home: It is the first impression of the business, it should reflect the benefits and benefits of the service or product and why it should be purchased or requested.
  • About Us: On this page the user will know who or what the business is, address why and what for the business. If you want to know what to include and what not, read the following post.
  • Services and products: After knowing the company, you want to know the products and services, the qualities as well as their benefits and the promotions offered.
  • Frequently asked questions: This section is very important since it is from there that the business will grow or decline, on this page the client will express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  • Communication channels: Link social networks so that people can communicate effectively through the information provided.
  • Testimonials: There the client relates the good or bad experience that can be obtained considering the option of building cases of clients with problems and their resolution.
  • Privacy policies: It is mandatory to have this page since modern websites collect all the information obtained, such as emails, names, among others.

Publish your website

After having the whole process complete, the page is created but it is still anonymous. In this case, it remains to make it known to the public by putting it online.

With the help of the web creation platform it can be completed, configuring the pages separately and selecting the one you want online.

The pages that you want to be online must have the status of “Published”. If you have another status, you are not online.

To conclude, it is fair to say that although there is still resistance to the use of digital channels, the changes that have been taking place in the world are forcing us to update our thinking, since otherwise businesses will have no future.

That is why having a website and social networks is a very viable solution that positions the business regardless of the industry.

The creation of a web page has been made easier over the years and you no longer need to have extensive knowledge with websites like Zyro that simplify the process.

However, it is not enough to have a website, you have to make it known through digital marketing strategies. Look how important digital marketing will be for companies in 2025.

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