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How to create a website from scratch in just 7 steps and without dying trying | Puebla Municipalities

Free platforms represent a real option for those who want to create a website like hobby; In contrast, the creation of a profitable page that becomes a livelihood, demands accompanying the process of professional advice and responsive design, aspects that facilitate positioning in the face of search engines.

Anonymus declares cyber war on RussiaSystem failure leaves web pages outRegardless of whether it is personal, professional for the company or business, achieving a professional website that ranks in the top 10 of search results may seem like a daunting task, however, it is simplified by complying with 7 basic steps.

Choice of domain

The design of a professional and profitable web page is conditioned to the care of different aspects –for example, the accompaniment of a trained team and the use of strategic resources such as the web templates offered by Zyro– but it all starts with the same step: selecting a domain name.

The way to call a web page is not something to be taken lightly, after all, it is about the brand of the business; Although there are tools that help decide the domain name in the creation of your own domain, the key is that it includes the trade and is easy to remember.

Purchase of the domain

Having the domain name, the next step is to check its availability and buy it; Sometimes, it will be necessary to find one similar to the one originally designed, because if it is very good, there is a great possibility that it is no longer available, that is where originality comes into play.

Hiring of hosting

Purchased the domain, the process continues hosting it on a server or hosting; Raiola Networks, webcompany, either Siteground They are characterized by being the best hosting options regardless of the type of website in question, in addition to giving away the domain for free during the first year.

It is important to emphasize how counterproductive it can be to opt for the use of free hosting platforms, it is worth a little investment, in exchange for the peace of mind of knowing that the web is safe on guaranteed servers.

Install a CMS

The key in choosing the right CMS lies in choosing one that, without the need to know code, enables the quick and easy creation of the web page; By default, the three hosting servers mentioned above include WordPress in their control panel, but it is a matter of personal taste.

Chosen the platform to design the website, the next step to overcome is its installation and the creation of the username and password, leaving everything ready to start managing the page from anywhere, be it from a mobile or computer.

Select a template

Free and paid, there are plenty of templates to choose from; However, the recommendation will always be the choice of a Premium template backed by a responsible company, since in addition to guarantee and performance, it provides greater customization and design options.

More than appearances, when selecting a template it will be decisive to verify what is behind it from a technical and functional point of view, an apparently attractive design can hide deficiencies, compromising the quality of the results.

Choose a page builder

The Page Builder is nothing more than a plugin whose function is to maximize the level of personalization of the web design, beyond the functionalities offered by a theme or template.

Using a web builder greatly simplifies the page creation process; your options of drag and drop –drag and drop– allow you to shape impressive websites without major complications.

Use plugins

The functionalities of the chosen CMS are easier to apply with the use of the pluginthere being a wide range of options for these programs from plugin from forms, SEO and chats, to security, email marketing platforms, analytics and indexing.

In the same way, it represents a tool when:

  • Create custom legal documents
  • Generate cookie banners
  • Manage consent for different legislations in a variety of languages

All this is of vital importance, since web pages must respect legal legislation, having privacy and cookie policies, as well as terms and conditions in order to comply with the guidelines stipulated in the law.


When the intention is to generate visits and income, creating a professional website requires some investment to turn it into a way of doing business. The purchase of a domain and hosting is as essential as avoiding the temptation to do everything for free, as it is the direct path to wasted time.

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