How is Surface Laptop Go 2, the renewal of Microsoft’s budget laptop | Technology

Details have been leaked about the new Surface Laptop Go 2 that will be presented in a couple of days, let’s see if this renewal is worth it.

sMicrosoft has a fairly large family of laptops and, in fact, these laptops usually have a quite striking design, as well as specifications that are quite consistent with the product range in which they are found. Yes indeed, their main problem is the price of these devices.

And, is that, Microsoft computers are not the cheapest on the market. That is why from time to time somewhat trimmed models are launched for people looking for an economical team. The latest rumors suggest that the Surface Laptop Go 2 would be falling to be that laptop.

Until now, what has been seen about this laptop was quite little, but thanks to the international media Neowin we have been able to get an idea of ​​what this new cheap laptop from Microsoft will be like. Although it would not be necessary to wait too long to know all the details about this device since, in principle, will be presented on June 2.

The first thing that has been leaked and, in fact, what could be considered as the most important thing is the price. The Surface Laptop Go 2 would start at a slightly higher price than the previous, more basic model. This model would start with a processor signed by Intel, it is expected to be the new 11th generation i5 1135G7.

As for storage, this laptop would start at 128 GB. Of course, the type of memory it would use is unknown. What is expected is that it has abandoned the eMMC memory of the previous generation. There are no details about the RAM, although if we take into account the previous version, the truth is that it would be expected to arrive with a base 8 GB.

What has also been seen is that the camera that it would integrate would have been improved in order to offer higher quality, with HD resolution being the ceiling. The screen would stay at 12.4 inches and the resolution is unknown, although it is expected to be Full HD since it is the current standard.

As for the battery, what is expected is that it integrates a module that can at least offer 13.5 hours of continuous use. At the moment at the price level, what is expected is that it starts at 650 dollarsbut we will have to wait until its launch becomes official to be able to know all the details of this new device.

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