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Guide to Hire the Best Hosting for Your Web

Well now it’s time to hire the hosting for our website and I’m going to offer you a guide on how to hire the best hosting in Webempresa.

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We have already seen how to register a domain and I have guided you step by step on NameCheap.
You also know that hosting is web hosting, that is, the physical place where your website or blog will be located.

And it is not a minor issue.

The hosting you hire will depend a good part of the success of your business, And i mean it. The quality of the hosting is one of the main responsible for the speed with which your website loads.

Google likes that when a person goes to a page it displays its content (ie loads) fast, very fast, in milliseconds. The speed with which your page loads is another of the main parameters that Google evaluates to position you.

Why I chose Webempresa for My Blog

I’m going to tell you a little about the evolution of MujeresdeEmpresa’s hosting.
When we started in March 2000 (how long already!) we hired a server in New York City, owned by Latinos, with which we thought we would feel more in tune.

They kept us going for almost a month with the configuration, until they said that it would be better to change the provider because they had problems with the personnel that “sabotaged” the configurations…

I’m honest, today I can’t stand a problem like this for a day.

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Then, without even being able to launch the site, we moved it to Crystaltech, which responded well from the outset. Every time a problem arose they solved it in less than 1 hour. And so we were with them for many years, even after they sold the company to other people.

Although the service was good, today I think we should never have chosen it, since it was located on the west coast of the US, and most of our users are closer to the east coast. The physical distance means that, no matter how good the provider is, milliseconds of load are lost.

Then they sold the company again and the new owner was not so good anymore, because when they had a problem they not only chose the wrong option but they lied to us.

When they had an attack on their server, they decided disconnect the clients they considered suspicious and that’s where we fell. As MdE is in Spanish and they only understood English, we entered the category of possible culprits…

For a month MoE did not work and they told us that it was a problem with our Internet service provider, that is, although we couldn’t see the site, much less update it, it was only our problem and that the rest of the world could see it perfectly.

Luckily I have a son who works in IT for an international company, so we could test the site from different countries and show our hosting provider that they were lying outright.

And there began the search for another hosting provider.

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There are many good providers, but there are many more bad ones.

Hosting response is so vital that some top bloggers started their own company, but the cost of that premium service was totally out of my hands.

They recommended a hosting also in the US and I hired them, although it was very easy to configure it was very rigid, because there I realized that it was aimed at total novices. And to change something the response time was one day!!!!

The first time they had me turning around for a month, now I wasn’t about to waste a day and that’s when I found web company.

I was staying in Spain, which didn’t excite me at first (prejudice, I was wrong), but I started collecting references. And they were top notch. And here we have been for almost 2 years and without any complaints.

That’s why I decided to write this guide for you to learn how to hire the best hosting for your website.

Video: How to Hire a Hosting in WebEmpresa

Note about the video: Although the author recommends hiring the option called “Popular” which is the one with MdE, if you are just starting out I recommend that you opt for the first one, that is, the ‘Startup’ pack.

One of the advantages of webempresa is that you can enlarge or shrink (this last option is not very common in other posting providers). As you can see there is plenty of room to grow.

Another detail that I want you to notice is that the prices are ANNUAL, NOT monthly, do not get confused.

Benefits of hosting your blog in Webempresa

  • in your own language. Since this web hosting provider is in Spain, everything is in Castilian or Spanish however you want to tell it.
  • The service cost is more than reasonable. Is not the cheapest service in quantitative terms, but if we talk about quality / price I think it is unbeatable.
  • Facility of WordPress, Joomla (a CMS similar to WP), Prestashop (ecommerce), Moodle (to give courses) in 2 clicks.
  • 99.9% server uptime. That means that their services fall very, very little. You’re not going to hear the “server down” thing. Their servers are optimized for WordPress and will be up and running 99.9% of the time.
  • They have SSD drives,solid state FLASH memory disks, which are very high speed disks (the best available now). You already know if your blog loads fast, Google rewards you…
  • They make automatic backups every 4 hoursyour files are always safe because the files are also stored on replicated servers and are self-recoverable.
  • They offer you their own optimized images so that your website loads even faster. You have to activate it, but it’s free.
  • If you contract for more than a year and you don’t have your domain, they register you a .com; .es or .org gratuitous for a year and you save us$10.
  • you can configure all the email accounts you need
  • You have a support forum.
  • If your blog is not working well, you log in and ask for a review automatically. They have a software called Stephan that checks the operation in minutes and returns the analysis of the problem and the suggestions to solve it. If you are not satisfied with the results, or you have any doubts, open a ticket for technical service.
  • Time average response from the technical service is 30 minutes (I can assure you!), 24 hours a day, every day.
  • If you already have a blog hosted on another provider, they will move it free of charge
  • You can install different WordPress on the same domain
  • Security. They isolate each hosting account that shares a server. This way, if another blog has problems, it doesn’t affect yours. Not all providers work like this, I assure you from experience.
  • More about security. They use antivirus, firewalls, anti-spam mail and anti-hacking security rules (it happened to me a few years ago and it’s not pretty…)
  • And do you want more security? SSL encryption, you have to ask them to enable it, but it’s FREE. The urls of your blog will read Https instead of http, I haven’t enabled it yet (it’s just being offered) but I will soon. That not only increases safety but also increases the security perception of your client.
  • 30 day guarantee. Don’t you like the service? They give you the money back.

How to Hire the Best Hosting: Step by Step Summary

  1. Anger webcompany
  2. Choose to install a wordpress and the type of service to hire (choose one of the 4 offered) and remember that the prices indicated are annualnot monthly and they offer a good discount if you contract for 2 years.
  3. Indicate if:
    1. You want to register a new domain (free for the first year)
    2. If you already have a domain and you are going to transfer it to Webempresa
    3. If you already have a domain and you are going to transfer it to Webempresa later when you finish configuring your wordpress (meanwhile it works in the other provider)
  4. Pay via:
    1. Credit card
    2. PayPal
    3. Bank transfer if you are in Spain.

Hiring confirmation

Once the contracting process is finished we will receive several emails:

  1. The first is the order confirmation
  2. The second with the welcome to the client area and the following data: username and password and a direct link to the customer area.
  3. The third, with receipt of payment and transaction details
  4. and the fourth is a hosting ad activated with all the information so you can start using it

Satisfaction Guarantee

satisfaction guarantee

You have 30 days to try the service and technical support.

If the service is not up to what you expected, request a refund within 30 days. The registration of the domain (in the event that it has been registered through Webempresa) and its transfer, as well as the SSL certificate process are not refundable.

I think we can say that the Webempresa hosting is an investment WITHOUT risks.

And now, what’s next? Well, soon I’m going to start publishing a guide on how to build a blog in wordpress.

You dare? If any point in this guide is unclear to you, please leave me a few lines below and I will see what I can do to improve understanding.

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Many thanks in advance.

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