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Guide to choose between dedicated server, VPS or hosting for a website or online store

Server, VPS or hosting?

When choosing between these options we must take into account two things. On the one hand, the available budget and the scope of the project we have in hand. On the other hand, the technical knowledge we have when managing them. With those two things we can start to see the differences.

First of all, we have the different types of web servers such as proxy, mail, DHCP, DNS, application, real-time communication, file, print or database. In a simple way, we can explain that this is like having “a computer” all to ourselves in a remote location. We will choose the hardware such as processor, RAM memory or hard drive and we will be able to install everything we want, being able to choose the operating system without limitations.

Second, we have to talk about VPS, acronym in English for virtual private server or private virtual server. In this case, we are talking about partition a physical server on multiple servers so that they work independently. Each of the VPSs can run on their own operating system, although we do have some limitations when sharing hardware with other VPSs.

Finally, we have several types of hosting such as free, shared, dedicated or Reseller. In this case, we are dealing with hosting spaces (which are the cheapest option), but at the cost of having great space or bandwidth limitations to make transfers. Shared hosting is one of the most common. Here we have several clients hosted on the same server, being a very good alternative for small and medium clients.

Advantages and disadvantages of server, VPS and hosting

Not all options are valid for all users, each having advantages and disadvantages:


The advantages of servers go through power manage it 100% without limitations, for having immediate scalability on demand, for being able to choose the hardware or the operating system, for full access to system files or for having a fixed IP. Here we manage “the machine” without limitations.

On the contrary, there are also disadvantages such as require knowledge in system administration or server security, in addition to having to hire the support separately. Likewise, we must buy the software and the different licenses that we are going to use.

It is a solution for for larger projects that need a lot of features to support thousands of visits every day. Having to have an expert in system administration or server security is a point to consider.


VPS are a middle ground that offer advantages such as costmuch less than having a dedicated server and that it is not necessary to have someone on the team with high knowledge of servers and their configuration in order to make the most of their possibilities.


On the other hand, not all are advantages if we look at it from the point of view of security or performance. When sharing a machine with other VPS we are exposed to more security problems, although it is true that the protection measures of these services are usually remarkable. Nor can we forget that we have to adapt to the provider’s default configurations, without being able to decide on the hardware.


The advantages of hosting are obvious and must be seen from the perspective of the budget and the needs of the clients. Here we have a delegated administration in the provider, 24/7 support or daily backups without having to do anything. Also they can support thousands of daily visits if their configuration is good and the prices are much more competitive if you look closely.


If you don’t know where to start here we leave you this Webempresa discount code, one of the referents of the sector in our country and with whom you will surely have quality web hosting for your site at a very interesting price. In the same way, as soon as you search the internet you will find very interesting providers and with good offers for new users, you only have to read the reviews in forums and specialized web pages to know how they work and if they offer a good service.

Among the disadvantages of this type of web hosting we find some such as that the bandwidth is limited or the shared IP according to the contracted plan, in addition to the resources with the rest of the users. By sharing the server with other web pages, we can have problems or slowdowns if any of them receives a significant traffic spike or a DDoS attack. In this sense, Webempresa, the provider that we have recommended before, offers isolation of your hosting from the rest of the shared server accounts, which is an extra security and performance.

As we can see, there is no better or worse option or an absolute winner. Everything will depend on the needs. Most of the users who start and want to set up a web page, a blog or a store can do so calmly with a shared hosting and little by little evaluate the convenience of going further.

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