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Today, there is a wide variety of Executive MBA. All of them offer the possibility of studying in different modalities such as online, face-to-face or blended, with the aim of adapting to the situation of people who want to complete their training.

Specific, Executive MBAs are focused on future business managers and, therefore, they adapt to the work schedules of the professionals who access these master’s degrees in business management and administration.

But, which are the best Executive MBAs in Spain? In this article, we will talk about the 7 best EMBA programs. Keep reading to discover them!

1. Executive MBA at ESEUNE in Bilbao

If you are looking for a EMBA in BilbaoESEUNE undoubtedly offers one of the best in the entire Basque Country. Its study plan is focused on developing a series of management skills in people with the aim of making them capable of solving any type of problem that may arise in their professional and business activity.

For it, classes are based on the development of skills and the power of knowledgeincluding those of innovation, strategies and financial planning.

He has 30 years of experience in the world of EMBAs. For this reason, it is considered the most innovative program in the entire Basque Country and which also adapts perfectly to changes and digital transformation.

2. Executive MBA at IE Business School

The IE Business School offers an EMBA with three face-to-face weeks in Madrid and one face-to-face week abroad. The rest of the course is developed in online format.

As for the week abroad, each student can choose a destination in different continents within the options offered by this business school. It is a unique experience!

Online classes are taught via videoconference and there are two forums through which students can comment on doubts, reflections and exchange criteria and experience with the rest of the participants. To access this master’s degree, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree or diploma. In addition, it is required to have a good grade in the GMAT test.

3. Executive MBA at the Valencia Chamber of Commerce

One of the best Executive MBA in Valencia is taught by the Chamber of Commerce of the city. Its main objective is to train professionals with high levels of quality, with the capacity and professional solvency to face any type of business situation.

Among its main advantages over other EMBAs is its excellent teaching staff that will accompany students in all classes, offering them updated tools and knowledge adapted to the new technological era. To achieve this, they rely on the analysis of business reality scenarios and learn to analyse, debate and make innovative proposals in the different management areas of a company.

4. ESADE Executive MBA

The Executive MBA offered by ESADE is flexible in nature and can be taken in different time slots on Saturdays. This is perfect to adapt to the schedule of professionals who enter this training with the interest of acquiring up-to-date knowledge in management matters and improving their working conditions.

Also, face-to-face classes are combined with online classes that are taught from its digital platform. In this way, the student has enough time to manage their study hours, teamwork and work-type commitments.

5. EADA Online Executive MBA

To find one of the best Executive MBA in Barcelona You only have to access the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, which collaborates with the EADA school to offer training, mostly online.

Although it has some hours of face-to-face classes, this Executive MBA is characterized by its live sessions with specialized and quality teaching staff. In relation to the face-to-face system, EADA has two modules that combine simulations and outdoor and indoor games to develop managerial skills.

6. Executive MBA of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce

The study program of the Executive MBA of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce is unique in Spain and has first-class lessons. Its methodology is practical and, without a doubt, its greatest advantage lies in its price, since it is a non-profit entity.

In this sense, its efforts are focused on the creation of training initiatives that are an engine for students and can develop their professional careers and reach high positions in companies. On the other hand, special emphasis is also placed on the development of entrepreneurial skills and vocation so that students manage their own business projects.

The learning methodology is based on the case method. It is a teaching system based on practices with analysis and debates of real situations in different companies. The ability of this method to develop skills in students in decision-making in complex business problems has been proven.

7. Executive MBA from San Telmo

With a great demand for this type of master’s degree from professionals, the San Telmo EMBA has reduced both its duration and the size of its classes. In this aspect, it has a face-to-face part that takes place on Fridays to maintain the reconciliation and flexibility of students with their work life.

Also, It has an “Open Day” as a presentation where an afternoon is dedicated to learning in depth about the study program of its MBA. This day includes practical parts, work sessions and even a cocktail.

This EMBA lasts 12 months, but has the possibility of being extended by adding a specialty in corporate governance. Without a doubt, his priority is to make students become leaders in their sector.

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