Gaming headphones, wireless or wired?

Whichever platform you play on, you’re sure to at some point have you had to decide between the two main headphone typesis Gaming: Wireless or wired gaming headphones.

and although performance gaps have narrowed dramatically in recent yearsit is always better to reflect and meditate on the different options of gaming headset when we think of making a new investment for our set-up.

Sound is a fundamental part of a good experience in the world of video games. Select between the different types of gaming headsets a model with high performance and characteristics suited to your needs will allow you to improve competitive level and enjoy a better experience.

When some manufacturers began to do without cables in gaming headsets, the differences between these two types were greater, and the performance gap was enormous. Today, best wireless gaming headset they have been put at the height of the gamer headphones of a lifetime.

When deciding some gaming helmets, decide between a model of Wired headphones or wireless gaming headsets It is one of the most important decisions to make.

Each of these types of headphones has its strengths and weaknesses, so knowing them will be essential to making the best choice. Next, we will make a small comparison of wired vs wireless gaming headset

Advantages of Wired Gaming Headphones

The wired gaming headset They are a great alternative for any gamer due to the multiple benefits they offer, among which we can highlight the following:

lower cost

The wired gaming headset they usually have a lower cost than the models of wireless gaming headphones, so they are available to a greater number of players. It’s easy to find manufacturers gamer headphones that incorporate cable at really competitive prices, without sacrificing a design typical of the sector and with interesting features.

Greater variety of models

Wired headphones, either with USB-type connectivity, with jack connectors, or with both types of connectors, are much more numerous than wireless models. if they are searched wired gaming headset the possibilities are much greater, with infinity of models of different brands in all price ranges.

maximum reliability

As all the data transfer is carried out by cable, the reliability of this type of headset is maximum and the best sound is always guaranteed while playing.

Advantages of Wireless Gaming Headphones

The wireless gaming headsets They usually have a higher price, although they are usually preferred by gamers due to the many advantages they offer.

avoid wires

use a few wireless gaming headset allows you to eliminate annoying cables and all the problems they cause, such as tangles in other cables or devices, accidental pulls that can damage connections, etc.

improve mobility

Freedom of movement is one of the main advantages that gamers obtain when they bet on the acquisition of a gaming model. wireless gaming headset to video games. With no cables, it is possible to move across the table or even stand up without the risk of losing the sound connection or breaking something.

high-end models

Many of the best gaming headset models are wirelessso those who are looking for the best headphones without worrying about the economic aspect, can access authentic high-tech devices that allow them to enjoy the best sound experience in their video games, without being dependent on the cable.

Ease of recharging

The gaming headphones wireless They include a base to support them so they can recharge.

In addition, the battery of these devices has a long life, which avoids having to recharge them every few hours. You just have to keep in mind that you should always charge them after use.

Conclusions: Wired gaming headphones vs. wireless

As with other wireless gaming peripherals (controllers, mice, keyboards, etc.) comparison of response times and latency between wireless vs wired headphones it is no longer a discussion worth having. This is especially true considering that most people play casually with friends.

There might be some debate if you really want every microsecond to matter, or if you play competitively, but for the most part, wireless gaming headphones Modern ones have solid enough connections that you won’t notice any kind of difference.

So, considering that the gap in performance and audio latency with respect to modern wireless connections no longer exists, the big differences often come from personal preferences in your gaming setup.

For example, the wireless connection is much cleaner and tidier. And this is especially true of consoles. While, in the case of PCs, it allows you to get rid of the cables that surround the back of the monitor or the desk, having a few wired headphones ranging from head to command (and that they will end up getting entangled along the way) can be quite annoying.

Of course, the disadvantages for not having cables also exist. First of all, from a practical point of view, it will often be connected to one of the device’s USB ports. This may not seem like a problem until you start to factor in all your other peripherals, like your mic and keyboards (on PC), and whether you have external storage, chargers, and controllers plugged into the few USB ports that exist on the console.

Then there is the problem that you will have to remember to charge the wireless gaming headphonesand its inner battery could add some extra weight (although you can’t really say that all wired headphones are light as a feather). The latter is a minor consideration because the companies dedicated to eSports in recent years have made the wireless gaming headphones be lighter than ever.

In short, when selecting good gaming headset you can choose a few Wireless or wired gaming headsets. While wired headphones are cheaper and more numerous, wireless ones are often preferred by gamers, as it gives them freedom and guarantees a high level of quality (thanks to the reliability of new wireless transfer technologies).

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