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MADRID, 5 (Portaltic/EP)

The way in which the population consumes is changing and e-commerce is gaining ground year after year on the traditional model. The pandemic has only accelerated this trend and, coinciding with World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5, the company PcComponentes has shared some of the keys on which they are working to move towards a more ‘eCommerce’ sustainable.

The Murcian company, which has become the most influential e-commerce company of Spanish origin for lovers of technology and computing, is working to improve its processes and has recently focused on logistics, since the packaging of products and their transport to the customer’s home is one of the processes that leaves the largest carbon footprint.

To try to be more efficient and sustainable, PcComponentes has resorted to innovation and has incorporated an intelligent packaging system called Carton Wrap from the manufacturer CMC, which manages to manufacture custom boxes according to the size of the product to be shipped, which reduces the consumption of up to 50 percent cardboard and up to 90 percent of plastic for filling materials, without affecting the security of the content.

In addition, by optimizing the size of the boxes, the number of orders that can be transported in the same truck has been increased by up to 40 percent, thus contributing to fuel savings equivalent to 75,000 kilometers, while speeding up the process, with 900 boxes ready to deliver to the customer every hour. “We have shown that environmental commitment and business efficiency can go hand in hand within the eCommerce sector,” says Luis Pérez, Director of Operations at PcComponentes.

“With the growing concern for the environment, eCommerce customers are becoming more aware of the amount of materials needed to package a product. CartonWrap offers multiple benefits in terms of packaging that have reinforced the operational efficiency of PcComponentes, while that justify its commitment to sustainability throughout the entire supply chain”, adds Francesco Ponti, CEO of CMC.

The latest Global E-waste Monitor report puts 53.6 million tons of electronic waste generated across the planet, with only 17.4 percent of computer devices properly recycled, something that “reflects the need to offer consumers an alternative”, explains the company.

For this reason, PcComponentes has extended its used device repurchase service. Thus, in addition to mobile phones, ecommerce customers will also be able to recycle their old tablets and smartwatches, which will have a second life or will be recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

The process is “quick and simple”, explains the company: “customers can instantly know the value of their devices and arrange their collection” to give their old gadgets a second life, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint . It is estimated that the emission of CO2 into the environment for each smartphone manufactured is 47 kilograms, while in the case of tablets it amounts to 87 kilograms, which is equivalent to planting between 4 and 9 trees.

Finally, PcComponentes does not forget the new forms of consumption that contribute to greater sustainability on the part of users, and for this reason, it offers a new technology rental service. This system will allow customers to have computers, virtual reality devices, telephones, scooters or televisions for a certain time.

“Over the last few months we have been testing this new service, multiplying by five the number of customers who have made a rental, which shows that we are talking about an increasingly strong trend in the consumption of technology”, underlined the Director of Services of the firm, Alberto Rodríguez.

The PcComponentes technology rental service is developed in collaboration with the startup NEWE, a finalist in the fourth edition of the PcComponentes Startup Booster (PSB) corporate acceleration program, and helps to take a further step in improving customer service, while advances are made in caring for the environment.

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