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Five tips to promote e-commerce in your business

The increased use of the internet has facilitated the way we shop. Companies have found in e-commerce a tool capable of boosting their sales by increasing their reach, creating more business opportunities, improving the quality of service and bringing products and services to the door of their customers’ homes in an agile and safe way.

In fact, according to the eighth edition of Vision Pymes 2022, a survey conducted by Brother International Corporation of 750 managers and owners of small and medium-sized businesses in Colombia and Costa Rica, more than 90% of the participants stated that in the last two years they have started to sell online or to dedicate a greater part of their efforts to this model of digital commerce. Likewise, about 60% indicated that, during the last year, the percentage of their business that is generated through electronic commerce has increased.

The preference of consumers has been migrating towards digital, therefore, companies must keep up to date and focus their efforts on providing their customers with a quality offer that they can easily access. Next, Marcela Acuña, Business Development Manager of Outer Space Coders, a technology company focused on web and mobile development, shares five tips for those who are starting to venture into online sales, to do so successfully and efficiently. .

Create an easy-to-navigate website and social networks for your company: A company’s website is its cover letter, so it is important that the structure is organized in such a way that users can easily find all the available products. Also, “it is essential to have a CMS, a software that allows you to administer and manage the contents of a website with ease and without extensive knowledge of web programming. Some recognized ones are Prestashop, WordPress or Magento”, says the expert.

  • Showcase your products or services with high-quality images: High-quality images help customers become familiar with the item before they buy it. Marcela Acuña affirms that, “you always have to keep in mind that the position, the angle and the lighting are determining aspects for obtaining good photos for the business. Images are understood in less than 0.1 seconds and help capture information 60,000 times faster than text”.
  • Provide excellent customer service: Having the right channels to converse with your users is essential to provide them with a great experience. The objective is to provide them with support before, during and after the purchase to achieve loyalty and, in addition, to get customers through their recommendations. Tools such as live chat, social networks, email or messaging applications, among others, are of the utmost importance to achieve this.
  • Tools to guarantee security in your e-commerce: Customer trust is a key element and having secure payment methods is essential. Marcela Acuña highlights that, “since it is the user who decides, it is necessary to offer various options that they know and trust, to make this last step much easier. In addition, it is important to have security protocols such as TCP / IP and HTTPS, which support the security of your site.
  • Use digital marketing strategies to boost your sales: An essential strategy is content marketing, which seeks to attract new customers to your online store, generating useful, entertaining or online training information through a blog. If the content is interesting, using the ‘call to action’ correctly will be an excellent complement to attract users to your business.

Starting in the world of electronic commerce is not an easy task, but doing it correctly will undoubtedly improve the sales experience and interaction with your customers, which will enhance the image of your business and the profitability of your company.

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