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Five tips to build an attractive and successful website in WordPress | TECHNOLOGY

WordPress 360º to organically build and position a web page with creative style. According to the latest report from the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CAPECE), in Peru there are currently 300 thousand companies that sell their products through different online channels. However, only 90 thousand have a website. “Most companies and professionals prefer to build their image through social networks.

But, they should also have their own website to be better valued”, highlights Frida Melgar, director of Continuing Education at Toulouse Lautrec.

The specialist explains that web pages, whether personal or commercial, provide credibility, help build a solid customer base, improve relations with the public and increase income. “Therefore, when building our website, we must ensure that all elements clearly convey the personality and values ​​of our brand.”

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In that sense, Melgar offers five tips to design a successful website in WordPress:

Define your target audience. Before starting a project, it is necessary to determine who our target audience is. We must take into account their age, gender, tastes, culture, lifestyle, aspirations, etc. All this information will be key to define the style of our website, the messages and the value proposition.

Design a good user experience. We must ensure that navigation through our website is simple and intuitive for the user. It is important to use attractive templates, easy to identify labels, categories and sections, incorporating striking colors and buttons that invite action.

It incorporates a simple virtual store. To sell a product it is essential to implement a well-optimized shopping cart. We can use a WordPress template and customize it to make the checkout process easy. Let’s keep in mind that for each extra step that the user takes, the abandonment rate increases.

Ensures a responsive design. Our website must adapt correctly to any device, be it a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Consider that today more people access the Internet by cell phone. Therefore, the browsing and buying experience must be the same on any medium, otherwise they could leave us.

Keep the content updated. Web pages should not only be attractive in design, but also in content. For this reason, in addition to keeping our brand and product information updated, we must make entries on relevant topics on a permanent basis. In this way we will engage our audience, we will position ourselves better in Google and we will generate traffic to our website.

It should be noted that 40% of web pages are developed in WordPress. Therefore, unlike what most people think, Melgar assures that building a website on this platform is not complicated, since it has a friendly interface and offers templates that fit multiple needs. In addition, being easy to use, any user with basic knowledge of WordPress can self-manage their website and program new content, saving time and saving costs.

Thinking about it, Toulouse Lautrec offers a continuous education program in WordPress 360º, where students will learn about the process of building a website, domain management and hosting, generation of valuable content with SEO strategy, digital branding and store development. online, all with a creative flair.

Learn more about this program at:


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