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Everything we know about the new WordPress editor

Full Site Editing is already available in WordPress, so your experience when creating web pages will be faster and more intuitive, to the point of not requiring technical knowledge.

In other words: this new editor is made up of a group of tools that will allow users to edit and design the look and feel of their website. It also allows you to control the different elements of a page through the functionality of dragging and dropping blocks. And it is precisely thanks to this new block editor, that it is no longer necessary to write code or use the administration panel view.

These are the most outstanding features of WordPress Full Site Editing

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Without a doubt, everything we have described above should make you happy, but also wondering: ok, but what are the most outstanding features of this new editor? So below we will mention each of them:

  • Headers, footers, menus and other elements: They will no longer have to be edited through code, now it will only be enough to do it visually through the use of blocks and everything from one place. Best of all, you no longer have to leave the page editor to make changes.
  • Through the “Styles” tool you can easily customize the typography and colors of the website.
  • The layout of navigation menu bars will now be easier. You will be able to create attractive menu bars just by dragging and dropping blocks. With this new WordPress editor you will also be able to control the appearance of the templates of specific pages such as the home page or the archive of your blog.
  • Thanks to the new patterns and the pattern directory you can easily copy and paste other already created templates. In addition to being able to update them quickly and easily.

What is new in this change and for which version is it available?

We must say that the Full Site Editing will be available both on newly created sites and for those that already exist through a selection of templates. But, what does this new editor incorporate? Well, it incorporates a group of tools that have been added to the latest version of WordPress 5.9, which was released on January 25 and is now available to all users.

In this way, Full Site Editing is added to the list of functions that already has, such as its own hosting, security, customer service, among others. With this new editor, WordPress continues to make strong progress in its goal of giving people the tools to tell the story they want and help anyone who wants to sell a product to achieve it.

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