Epic Games Store will host the battle royale GRIT, its first game with NFT

YELL It is not a new game: it has been announced for quite some time and in fact in Vandal we already told you about it more than a year ago when it was about to start an early access on Steam that ended up being delayed. However, this battle royale set in the Wild West is all the rage these days because of an announcement recently made by its new editor, Gala Gamesa company specialized in products cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other related products blockchain.

  • What are NFTs and their implication in the video game industry
  • During a recent event held in maltaGala Games announced a “collaboration” with Epic Games for which they can throw YELL in the company’s PC video game store. In principle, we do not know if it is a collaboration as such or if it is simply a somewhat more ornate way of announcing the launch of your project on said platform (which since August of last year has been open to any company that wishes to request it). Be that as it may, the truth is that with the confirmation that YELL come out in this digital store is positioned as the first NFT game to hit the Epic Games Store.

    The truth is that, as we said before, YELL It already had a page on Steam before partnering with Gala Games (which also hosted Peter Molyneux’s next project), but since NFT is involved, it doesn’t seem like it will end up appearing on that platform (although its file is still available): the Valve store made clear its rejection of this economic model by updating its rules to prohibit the sale of video games that make use of the blockchain to exchange virtual objects giving them a real value outside the video game. At that time her own Epic Games Store takes an open stance to games with NFT, assuring that it would “welcome games that use technology blockchain proving that they comply with the legislation”, said Tim SweneyCEO of the company.

    Under these lines you can see a extensive gameplay from SCREAM:

    Surprise boxes for thousands of euros and controversy over alleged theft of assets

    That stance has resulted in the future arrival of YELL to the Epic Games Store, a game that takes the form of a battle royale common but set in the wild West, with cowboys and horses instead of soldiers and military vehicles. Originally it was not focused on NFTs, but after its agreement with Gala Games, sales of non-fungible tokens have been integrated whose first surprise pack It amounts to almost 19,000 Gala, the cryptocurrency of this platform whose current exchange rate means that one of these boxes (which includes one of the 10,000 randomized characters) costs around 1400 euros.

    In addition to that box of random characters, the people who attended the presentation of YELL at the Gala Games event they were able to get what was defined as a special mount with the “pica” category but which has ended up being the 3D model of a horse that can be purchased for $29.99 in the shop of assets from Epic Games, which has raised suspicions of fraud regarding the content of those surprise packs: the characters that we see in the game trailer are also available in the same store for developers.

    Although this model does not fit within the traditional definition of boxes of lootthe new law being prepared by the Government of Spain also intends to regulate this type of “random reward mechanisms”as well as NFTs and any other type of trading system for digital products related to chance.

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