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There are millions of free options for online reading, and users of the format know the traditional ones, either through devices such as the Kindle or tablets, some portals or applications even allow downloading.

By having your taste defined, it is easier for you to opt for one of the possibilities or to make your search easier; Also, keep in mind that publishers also offer options to pre-screen content for purchase.
According to Statista, in the United States, in the last ten years, on average, more than 197 million electronic books were purchased in different stores.

At the beginning of 2021, 20.3 million e-books were sold in Germany, three out of 18 books were read digitally in France, and revenue from digital book sales in Spain amounted to approximately €126 million a year earlier.

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1. Kindle is perhaps the best known ‘e-book’ reading format

It is backed by Amazon and is a device that allows you to read e-books and access a library with nearly 1 million titles.. You can pay for unlimited access for 38,000 Colombian pesos or buy books per unit. It offers more than 1,400 free titles, among which are masterpieces such as Don Quixote or The Little Prince, Pride and Prejudice or Romeo and Juliet.

To read by this means you must have the device or the application on your phone, but there is an alternative option. If you prefer to do it online through a web page, you can access portals such as, or the Internet Archive Books option at, where you will have access to works in different formats to download, either PDF , ePUB or MOBI, so they work on all kinds of devices.

In the case of Project Gutenberg, remember that there are more than 60,000 titles, the digitization of the texts is in any language and they also have an offline reading option available.

The five best portals for digital readers

There are several alternatives to obtain digital books.

2. The second most popular option is Google Play Books or Apple Books

In the virtual store, depending on the operating system of your smartphone or device, which can be a tablet or a computer, there is the option of accessing and storing different titles, whether paid or free.

If you are looking for new, creative or emerging stories, think about applications and pages like Wattpad, Falsaria, Inkspired or Storybox, which allow the publication of innovative stories; in the first you can read unlimited content, and it has a community of 90 million readers and writers.

Wattpad currently has several best sellers in the young audience, such as Heist or Bad influence, and many fan stories about influencers, or famous video game characters.

In the case of Inkspired, the idea is that a new author can be paid for their content, so they can associate a PayPal account to accept donations so that readers can help them with their project, in order to publish their stories and books at any time, or even interact and get direct feedback from your audience, as well as being able to validate the idea of ​​your text using various metrics and mechanisms to protect your intellectual property.

For Storybox or Falsaria, the initial goal is interaction, so an author can write his story with the ideas of readers or change concepts depending on the response, on this platform, which is manifested with votes.

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The five best portals for digital readers

From ‘best-seller’ to emerging stories can be found online.

3. Freeeditorial is also a reading community

We have formats such as the electronic book and the audiobook, which have opened up an important space after the pandemic

It does not require the creation of a user and also allows the loading of texts. In the case of, it offers three categories, the best ones to read, free texts and exercises to improve reading, whether for adults or children. Manybooks is another of the most complete libraries; In addition, it includes 50,000 publications in different languages ​​and offers the publication of its own content for a fee.

The bet of the publishers can also be interesting. Juan José Gómez Daza, regional director of Buscalibre Colombia, a virtual bookstore that imports titles, sends them physically and allows them to be downloaded; He indicates that in the case of titles, it stands out that the purchase of paper is very high in the country, but that 5 percent of its sales are reflected in the electronic format.

“We have formats such as the electronic book and the audio book, which have opened up an important space after the pandemic; in 2021, in Colombia it was not so high, but in Chile or Argentina it has a lot of projection, perhaps by 2023 it will have a double-digit share. The cost and delivery are immediate, and it has options such as pre-reading, which makes it different”, explained the manager.

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4. Random House Publisher

As well as others, it has put initial chapters of its recent works and promoted facilities in the access to digital books through its applications or web pages.

5. There are also options to download these contents for free

One of those that mix content is the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library, which has the books and also in audio format; there is the option, again, of Google Play also for books or audios, which includes free options. And Audible, for example, is one of the platforms that initially offers free content, but then charges a subscription, allows you to download it anyway, and has a catalog of more than 90,000 audiobooks.

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