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Punta Cana, RD.- Snapchat has launched its Dynamic Travel Ads product to help brands create different ads based on their products and services. The social media platform says it will show the most relevant ads to “Snapchatters” interested in travel, who it claims are 37% more likely to book a trip after seeing an ad.

Snapchat says the ads have a number of unique benefits for travel advertisers, including targeting according to a Snapchatter’s interest in travel and delivering locally relevant campaigns using the company’s visitation data.

The company says Etihad reduced the cost per flight search by four times using the dynamic ads product.

Phil Dodwell, Marketing Media Leader at Etihad, says the airline was able to “maximize relevancy by matching customers to specific destinations, dramatically improving performance metrics across the booking funnel in the process”.

He adds: “The prospecting solution in particular is currently the best-in-class catalog solution for dynamic social media travel ads, and we’re very pleased with the results we’ve been able to achieve. We look forward to building on this focus in Q2 and beyond.”

Meanwhile, has also reduced its advertising costs by using images from its product catalog to present locally relevant listings to audiences based on previously viewed products.

Sharon Silverstein, Head of US Verticals at Snap Inc, says: “Snapchat users are a particularly prominent audience for the industry, with many eager and more likely to travel than users on other platforms.”

The company says that 76% of Snapchatters are making plans or have already returned to pre-pandemic travel behavior. He adds that the platform has more than 600 million monthly active users and 332 million daily active users.

Many travel brands are experimenting with social platforms with their millions of users as a way to broaden reach and increase engagement beyond more traditional marketing channels.

Additionally, several travel brands have recently made their own media moves with Marriott, for example launching a media network in partnership with Yahoo that allows other advertisers to target their audience.

Initially, the brands will be able to target Marriott customers through the hotel company’s website and mobile app, later expanding to in-room TV screens and its Bonvoy loyalty program.

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