Disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones: are they worth it?

Faced with the imminent disappearance of the 3.5 mm Jack port, we have to ask ourselves the question, are Bluetooth headphones worth it? We tell you.

There is an eternal debate about whether definitely we are facing the end of the 3.5 mm Jack port in mobile phones, since more and more manufacturers decide to do without it in their devices, making users have to resort to adapters or directly to Bluetooth headphones.

However, the Bluetooth headset industry itself has shown that these devices are still not good enough to replace wired headphones lifelong. These types of wireless devices have so many disadvantages that make us wonder if they are really worth it or not and in this post, we will explore more about it.

Main disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones

Before buying Bluetooth headphones, you should know its main disadvantages

Before buying Bluetooth headphones, you should know its main disadvantages

The decisions that manufacturers make regarding the features that remain or remove from the mobiles have advantages and disadvantages, such as ending removable batteries. The main problem with this is that if your battery is damaged, changing it will not be as easy as before, but its benefits are more, specifically speaking of waterproofing What do you gain by having the back cover sealed.

Regarding the 3.5mm Jack port no clear benefits for usersbut there are disadvantages and then we will address the main ones.

Sound quality can be worse

While it is true that, in most scenarios where you are in a space with external noise, Bluetooth headphones can let you enjoy good quality of sound, in addition to the convenience of not having cables, it is also important to note that in other common situations they may not be the best idea.

For example, if you are on public transportation or in a space where there is no noise around you, the sound quality of wired headphones will be better. And when we compare models at the same price, the corded models tend to be superior.

But it is also necessary to point out that because Bluetooth headsets use this compressed broadcast signalinformation is always lost, so quality is definitely not the same as wired.

The autonomy of these Bluetooth headphones

Autonomy is one of the main disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones

Autonomy is one of the main disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones

Unlike wired headphones, wireless models need to recharge their battery after a while of use. In addition, these usually have microUSB connector ports, since they do not make the jump to USB C of mobiles. This means that you must have two types of cables with you. And if you need to charge them, then you’ll have to go back to the wired headphones while they recharge.

One solution to this problem is the external batteryto that you can use to charge the Bluetooth headphones, but this then means another device that you would have to take with you and it’s not practical nor comfortable.

Bluetooth headset durability tends to be worse

If you make sure you don’t break or damage the connector on your wired headphones, then these easily could last more than 10 years. But this does not happen with wireless models, since, for various reasons, they can last much less.

The first thing you should know is that often the sound quality of these wireless earphones gets outdated as they develop. new features and codecs Of reproduction. In addition, their batteries are continually degrading, as is the case with mobile phones.

It is more difficult to use multiple headphones at the same time

If you are going on a trip with someone and they have to spend a lot of time in transport, a movie or series is always good. So, in order not to disturb other people, the ideal is that you and the other person connect your wired headphones to a splitter on the device that allows multiple connection and enjoy the multimedia content.

However, this is more complicated with Bluetooth headphones, since it is necessary that the laptop, headphones and mobile phone that you are going to use have compatibility with the Bluetooth 5.0 standard to allow this multiple connection, because otherwise, you will not be able to do it.

Bluetooth headphones have sound latency

Bluetooth headsets have more latency than wired models

Bluetooth headsets have more latency than wired models

If you use wired headphones, you will not suffer from this type of problem, but if you opt for wireless models, then you should know that these introduce latency to sound quality. Although it is true that this can hardly be noticed and most people do not notice when playing games or watching movies using this device.

But if you use these headphones for professional purposes, then you do notice this latency, which can meet within 200ms at most of Bluetooth headphones. But if you buy special ones with AptX Low Latency codecdrops to 34ms, though that’s still a high number when compared to the 7ms latency of wired headphones.

You may always need to have spare wired headphones

One of the main disadvantages of wireless headphones is that they are probably just as need spare wired headphones. You will notice this when you run out of battery at a time when you have to use them or when, for some reason, the device does not pair with your mobile.

Are Bluetooth headphones worth it?

When you examine the market today, you realize that manufacturers are selling this type of wireless headphones to excessively high prices, compared to wired headphones. The reason seems to be that you are paying for comfort above all else.

Although it is true that the 3.5 mm Jack port his days are numberedas the manufacturers have made an effort to get rid of it in all their devices, this will take a little time while the Bluetooth headset market is truly regulated, since it is not denied that they are good devices, only that their prices do not justify all the disadvantages what are you offering.

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