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DigitalReef bets on Nicaragua to grow digital advertising

By E&N

It offers an end-to-end solution for brands, marketers, and app developers, leveraging artificial intelligence. Its product portfolio includes virtual preloads, app recommendations, and premium native inventory, among others, and is looking to capitalize on growth in mobile ad spend in the region.

They work with the main telephone operators in Latin America such as Claro, Vivo, Telcel among others, to reach consumers through specific advertisements. In the 10 months of operation, DigitalReef has already created a headquarters in Nicaragua, where they work in the R&D area of ​​the products.

E&N spoke with Maurizio Angeleone, CEO of DigitalReef, and explained that the company has found in Nicaragua a great place to recruit talented and brilliant engineers directly from universities as well as from the market. It is established in a BPO free zone in Nicaragua, which allows investing in Nicaragua and employing many developers and growing the team very quickly.

Why invest in Nicaragua?

DigitalReef has a global team of engineers working on its advanced AdTech and MarTech platforms that are used by the main mobile operators in América Móvil, including América Móvil (Telcel, Claro) VIVO, Entel, as well as large application publishers such as American, B2W, etc.

The team spans several countries and continents, including the United States (Dallas, Miami), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Nicaragua (Managua), and India (Bangalore, Hyderabad).

The DigitalReef team based in Nicaragua is essential to the regional team. We have found that Nicaragua is a perfect place to recruit talent to work in our organization because there are very strong universities that graduate engineers with a desire to learn and immerse themselves in R&D for the world of technology.

Having engineers closer to our customer base and speaking the same language is a huge benefit to the company.

What are the top three key strategies that yes or yes should be in the digital strategy of every company?

Well, from the perspective of DigitalReef, a specialist AdTech/MarTech company, we’ve seen a growth in the mobile marketing opportunity. Now with over 3 billion daily users, con a good mobile marketing strategy, you can reach almost half the world with a single campaign.

Mobile marketing includes mobile-optimized ads such as push notifications and in-app messaging. Thus, through DigitalReef’s proprietary technology, we use personalized and customized content to reach a targeted and specific audience.

We believe that mobile marketing represents a great opportunity for digital strategies because it has a higher rate of participation and monetization for marketers.

Influencers, vertical videos, reels or TikTok: what are the essential options for every company in 2022?

I think it would be a combination, right? Through our platform, DR-ONE, which launched in March, we already include vertical videos in an option of our push notifications because we understand that with visual content, it is easier to attract the attention of the public.

What key tips can you give to create a high-impact campaign?

1. Consider your audience – who and how are they? What kind of products are they looking for? What kind of problem is the product solving?

2. Consider the medium – Not every medium or social network works for every type of audience. Consider whether your audience wants to be reached via Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok – all of which have a different user base.

3. Consider the product – Just because a company sells a product, it does not mean that it is relevant to the audience. To create a high-impact campaign, you have to consider the consumer’s problem and how this new product is going to save everyone’s life through more insights, better functions, process agility, etc.

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