DIGITAL BUSINESS MODELS | How to Make Money Online 2021 Without Investment

DIGITAL BUSINESS MODELS | How to Make Money Online 2021 Without Investment
DIGITAL BUSINESS MODELS | How to Make Money Online 2021 Without Investment

Introduction Of DIGITAL BUSINESS MODELS | How to Make Money Online 2021 Without Investment

DIGITAL BUSINESS MODELS | How to Make Money Online 2021 Without Investment. The seven digital business models that I am going to explain to you, four I am using today, and all seven of them I have used in some time and the first digital business model is affiliated, it is a business model that I like a lot because it is a.

The Business In Which Everyone Wins An Affiliate Model

The business in which everyone wins an affiliate model is simply you as a company you associate with another company and that other company offers you a commission for each of the sales that you are, for example, putting it very specifically if here in the description of this video you go to the end of the description you will see a section that says affiliations because all these are companies with.

Which the tribe has associated and if you now click on one of those links you will go to that service and in the future, You hire that service because that company is going to give a difficult commission at no cost to you, then the three parties involved, your Olaf tribe and the other company, we all win, because here at Olaf tribe we recommend the best services in each of the markets.

DIGITAL BUSINESS MODELS | How to Make Money Online 2021 Without Investment

Based on our experience we recommend the best services the best tools and that has a value that is to say all that work you save on the other hand you have achieved A new client has left that probably would not have gotten it if he did not come recommended by us and then we Tribe Cola get a small commission that the company pays us but.

It Is A Business Model That I Love Of Course

That small commission is taken away from their benefits, that is to say, that you as a client do not pay more to pay our commission but you pay the same so it is a benefit for the three parties involved and that is why for me it is a business model that I love of course we trust faith in this case we are not going to recommend services that do not.

Let’s think they are the best in their categories, that is, we are not going to recommend products or services simply because of the commission that the company gives us that would be deceiving our followers and that is the last thing we want to do them while you as a business as an individual as an entrepreneur as autonomous you recommend products services.

That is related to your market with the service that you offer and contribute to your followers to your audience because I invite you to try the affiliation model, simply take a look at the companies services products in your environment that is to say that they are related to what you do and see which of these companies offers affiliate programs today day.

The Second Digital Business Model

There are affiliate programs in all kinds of markets in all kinds of industries so look at what products what services that companies you already use are you happy with them and you can recommend to your audience the second digital business model that you can use is the sale of services, for example, consultancies, management of social networks, management of advertisements on Facebook, an accounting manager.

A tax advisor, lawyer, etc., etc., any service that you can digitize is a good candidate to offer online, I have been applying this business model selling services for more of a decade because well well because I focus on entrepreneurship online digital marketing and this is a service that can precisely be offered very well over the internet and you don’t need any investment as much. You Can Also Read 🤑 The Best Social Network To Sell.

If you want as much you can create a small web page where you describe the service it offers is but this model of business the sale of services can be perfectly combined with other business models that we are talking about here today the following digital business model is the sale of info products for example sale of courses sale of fashion.

This Model Of Business Is That You Can Combine It

Patterns sale of web design templates sale of music audio product info here lately in the news is where a lot of people are making a lot of money that does not imply that you are going to do it because it is complicated these people make a lot of money. After all, they already have a very large audience and the difficult thing is to get that audience.

But you also don’t need to have thousands of people do your calculations and find out how much money you need sites per month and how many products should you sell per month to live on it for example if you have a course that sells for 300 euros 300 dollars and you need to live 1200 dollars or euros then you should sell 4 courses per month.

The good thing again about this model of business is that you can combine it with the previous models with affiliates and with the sale of services, the following digital business model is content creation, content creation, and subsequent monetization through ads, for example, creating videos on YouTube.

This Business Model Is That You Need Many Visits

That then monetize with ads or creating content on a website on a blog and then monetizing it with ads from google or another platform the challenge of this business model is that you need many visits to have a moderately viable business if you can consider it as a supplement to other models business, for example, today at the time of recording this video here on the youtube channel of wheat.

We have 45 thousand visits per month and that generates a monthly benefit of around 250 euros and hey welcome, but only with that one cannot live then by a very simple rule of three if I need to earn two thousand euros a month that is ten times more of what I am getting now with ads because then I would need more or less ten times more visits per month and that means being around half.

A million visits per month which are quite complicated but that depends a lot on the theme of which Talk about your market in your niche, some themes pay very very well, that is, the cost per 1000 visits is very high, for example, everything that has to do with finances is very high, this digital marketing business online in case it is in between and then all that is prank and even sports entertainment channels from my experience with past clients is the least paid then.