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Differences between VPS and dedicated server, which one to choose?

When are we going to hire a Web server we can find different options. We can have a dedicated server, VPS or Cloud. They are different and each one has its positive points, so we must choose an option that suits us best. When we have a website, a domain in our possession, we must link it to a server with its corresponding web server, database management system and other services to be able to provide online service. The files that are going to allow us to enter that site are going to be housed in an external storage that will be the one that serves the web pages to the clients, in that hostingthat web server, is where we are going to host all the images and videos of a site, the files that allow us to configure certain visual aspects of that website and, in short, all the content necessary for visitors to enter and navigate normally.

Today we can find different types of servers to host our websites:

  • shared server: it is the cheapest and the one with the least power, it is shared with other users.
  • VPS server: it is one of the best value for money, we will have at our disposal a virtual server with the hardware that we hire.
  • Dedicated server: it is more expensive than the previous one, but we will have at our disposal all the power of the contracted hardware of a dedicated server, without any type of virtualization.
  • Cloud servers: It is the most expensive of all, on this server everything is replicated on different servers and we can increase the power of the server very quickly through the control panel. Large websites that receive thousands of daily visits usually use Cloud servers, because they allow their performance to be increased if there is an unusual traffic demand.

Now that you know the four types of servers that exist, we are going to see in detail the two most used: dedicated server and VPS server.

What is a dedicated server

First we will explain what a dedicated server. This is the best if we want something of our own, something that we don’t share with anyone else. As its name suggests, it is dedicated to each user. All resources will be available to the user who hires it. Basically we can say that it is as if we bought a server and put it in a datacenter to serve the websites to the Internet, this dedicated server has a certain processor, physical RAM and hard drive or SSD to speed up the performance of the server in general. The entire capacity of the server will be available to us, without sharing it with anyone else.

A clear advantage of having a dedicated server is that we will be able to configure it as we want. At the end of the day it is ours, we do not have to share it with anyone else. We can take advantage of the resources entirely ourselves and have different options at our disposal. We can say that what we do is rent a team, a dedicated service, for us. It is also known as a dedicated hosting server. This also gives us greater control over the applications that we are going to use on that computer.

Although we have seen the logical advantages of having a dedicated server, we must also take into account that the cost is higher. At the end of the day we are hiring something exclusive for us.

Dedicated server

What to look for in a dedicated server

We are going to show the main points that we must take into account if we decide to hire a dedicated server. There are factors that will be decisive so that our website can function in the best possible conditions and offer a good service to visitors.

  • storage type: This is going to have a direct impact on our website and loading speed. Nowadays, the ideal is that the server we are contracting has SSD disks and not HDD, although the latter will be cheaper. If you are not going to have to store a lot of data, it is best to hire a dedicated server with SSD instead of HDD.
  • hardware resources: here we have to mention the CPU or RAM, for example. It is what will allow the server to have more or less power and thus be able to respond to the necessary demand. In this case we will have to contract a server with a certain processor and also RAM memory.
  • Bandwidth: It must be enough to allow the web traffic that we are going to have. It will be more or less, depending on the needs we have. Therefore, it is essential to choose a bandwidth that complies correctly. The most normal thing is that the network card for the Internet is 1Gbps, although if our business is aimed at users doing speed tests, then we will need a higher bandwidth.
  • Guarantee: Does the dedicated hosting that we are going to contract offer guarantees of proper functioning? It is important to read comments and opinions from other users, in addition to choosing an option that really seems reliable.
  • Technical support: Technical support is also another important factor, since we may have problems and they can help us at any time. Not everyone brings it.

An example of a dedicated server is the one offered by OVHcloud, for example, a typical server that we can hire at a fairly affordable price is:

  • AMD Ryzen 3700 PRO CPU
  • RAM: 32GB DDR4 ECC
  • Storage: 2 x 960GB NVMe SSD
  • Cost: €76 per month

Depending on what we need for our business to work properly, we can hire dedicated servers that have higher performance and are more expensive, or slightly less fast and cheaper.

Finally, a very important aspect is that we have unlimited traffic to and from our server, because if it is not unlimited we could be charged for excess traffic. We must also take into account the public bandwidth, the cheapest are at 100Mbps, the mid-range at 500Mbps and the highest range are usually 1Gbps or higher.

How does a VPS server work?

A very popular alternative is VPS servers. The acronym means, in Spanish, Virtual Private Server. Here we must indicate that it is different from the previous one since it does not correspond to each user. In this case we are dealing with a physical server divided into different parts and each of them has its own virtual environment. Each of these parts that we mention is what is known as a VPS.

In this case the cost is much lower to that of a dedicated server. We are sharing a physical server with multiple users. The functionality may be similar, but we lose full control and therefore some features. Of course, we have more freedom than with a shared hosting. However, we can customize a VPS server, since each one acts independently. Can install our own softwaretools and operating systems that we want.

In short, we can say that a VPS server is a virtual partition of a physical server. It is interesting for users who have a web page with medium level traffic, who do not need as much as to acquire a dedicated server.

The prices will depend on the capacity of the server, logically. We can find many options. An example is this image that we leave you from Hostinet, where you can see up to four alternatives with their corresponding price.

VPS server prices

What to consider in a VPS

We are going to name the most important points that we must take into account if we finally choose to hire a VPS server. Not all users will need the same features and the range of options is very wide. However, this is what we can consider essential.

  • RAM: the first thing to take into account is the guaranteed RAM memory that we are going to have. With 1 GB it can be enough for a basic website, in WordPress, without much demand. But as long as our page is somewhat more complex, we should make sure we have a larger memory.
  • transfer type: It is also important to know if the transfer is unlimited or not. The best thing is that it is, of course. In most cases we are going to find options that have unlimited transfer.
  • hard drive capacity: the capacity of the hard drive should be another point to consider in a VPS. It is the storage that we are going to have to host the page files.
  • custom VPS: beyond what capacity the VPS has, something very interesting is being able to create it to measure. That is, we can configure it according to what we are going to need.

When to use a VPS and dedicated server

So when should we use a VPS and when should we use a dedicated server? Everything will depend on the type of page we have and also on what we expect for the future. Basically we can say that a VPS We can take it into account when we are looking for something cheap, for initial projects or in which we are not going to need many resources. A Virtual Private Server is usually the start of many web pages or small businesses that set up an online site. VPS became fashionable many years ago when virtualization began to be widely used, and today it is still the best alternative to the popular shared servers, because in this case we have the possibility of installing the operating system that we want, since everything is virtualized.

A dedicated server We must take this into account if our website has had a great growth or it is a large project and we are going to need to increase the capacity of the server. It is ideal when we really need all the resources to be dedicated to our server and avoid the slightest problem. One aspect that we must take into account is to contract a dedicated server with more power than we need, because the objective of any company or SME is to grow, in this way, we will not have to migrate to a more powerful server in a short time. weather.

In the control panel, for example cPanel, we can see statistical data on the use of CPU, physical memory or bandwidth. This helps us control when we really need to expand a VPS server and even go directly to a dedicated one. The good thing about VPS servers is that we could easily and quickly expand CPU cores, RAM and storage as everything is virtualized so it is more versatile.

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