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The salaries/earnings of content creators and employees were of particular interest to readers in the first week of June.

Digital communication and conversation have gained an important place in the daily life of most of the world, a fact that allows the sending of information to any continent, only in a matter of a few seconds.

According to the Digital 2022 study carried out in a joint effort by We Are Social and Hootsuite, At present, more than half of the planet is already present on the Internet. (staying browsing on digital platforms for almost 7 hours) and on social networks (who surf daily for 2 hours and 27 minutes), a fact that has allowed them to find out about all kinds of events of interest to them.

Likewise, the report on Media Consumption in Latam published by Sherlock Communications shows that it is 27 percent of the population of Latin America who bets on getting information through social networks, so today we choose to show you the most relevant topics for digital readers .

The creators of content in one of the social networks that currently covers the largest market have been of particular interest to users, since issues such as how much money they can generate on these platforms attract their particular attention. change profession?

Users were intrigued after a Soriana employee narrated her experience with the brand for which she works, after 300 pesos were deducted from her salary after a client took free money due to “customer decision”.

The commitment between workers with their brands depends on a host of factors, such as how identified their work feels, the organizational culture within it, etc. However, on this occasion an employee was fired because the company he worked for did not feel that he was committed enough to remain within his work team. Do you feel identified?

According to INEGI figures, most Mexicans receive a salary of just over 7,000 pesos per month, so it could be considered that someone who has a “little salary” of 100,000 pesos does not need monetary support, except of this boss who asked for help because a couple of hard drives did not appear and someone must pay for them, but he does not have the resources to do so, so he invites his employees to “put on their shirt”.

Creativity is fundamental in marketing and brands; however, if we are going to use a product or “be” recognized, we must make sure that it is consistent with our logo, unless we seek to create a brand crisis for ourselves.

These were some of the most read articles of the week. What will the brands, their salaries and employees surprise us with during the following week?

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