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Cover and Comscore Release Report: E-Commerce Marketing


The 2022 edition of the Cover Insights Report, “E-Commerce Marketing in Latin America: Data and Lessons for Brand Executives” in association with Comscore, analyzes the behavior of the audience on web, app and social in the three largest Latin American markets – Brazil , Mexico and Argentina – in the general retail category and in three key subcategories: Food/Supermarket/Grocery, Department Stores Malls and Fragrances/Cosmetics.

Likewise, the report analyzes the expansion of online marketplaces in Latin America, the rise of apps, particularly delivery apps and financial apps, and provides advice from brand managers on how to manage the best e-commerce campaigns in the region. The report complements Comscore’s data analysis with insights from dozens of brand managers who are members of Portada’s brand marketer network, as well as insights from marketing experts from Infobip, Latcom, Meltwater, ShowHeroes and Yahoo.

The editorial vision of Portada plus the Comscore data give a very complete vision that we are sure will be of great support to the industry.

Rodrigo Cerón, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Comscore.

“The behavior of electronic commerce is a reflection of different indicators in the economy in the different countries of Latin America. Hence the relevance of such a detailed analysis”, commented Rodrigo Cerón, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Comscore. “The editorial vision of Portada plus the data from Comscore give a very complete vision that we are sure will be of great support to the industry.”

The report, which can be downloaded here, answers crucial questions for marketers and e-commerce professionals, such as the following:

  • How did online audiences (web and app) evolve in the categories of Food/Supermarket/Grocery, Department Store Malls and Fragrances/Cosmetics in the three main Latin American markets between 2019 and 2021?
  • What percentage of Brazilian Department Store Malls website and app users use app-only to connect with companies in that category?
  • Did the top 4 online marketplaces in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico grow or decrease their audience between 2019 and 2021?
  • Does social media marketing encourage web/app visits?
  • What type of advertising works best for conversion in online purchase: Programmatic or Social Display?
  • What other initiatives are useful for conversion?
  • What success stories are there of customer service via social networks between companies and consumers?
  • What best practices are recommended for the use of CTV and Digital Out of Home in eCommerce marketing?


The following companies collaborated in the writing of the report:






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