Coppel wants to be the alma mater of its employees

Studying did not represent a mismatch in his budget, since they deduct 1,400 pesos from his payroll for enrollment each semester and 750 pesos per month, that is, 10% of his salary. “The first subject I took was Operations Management. We must focus the topics covered on problems that we see from our position, and they ask us how we would solve them”, he explains.

Unlike traditional MBAs, the retailer’s program does not offer the opportunity to travel to another country to supplement study at an international school. But it does rescue the value of networking through forums.

The Coppel University business master’s degree lasts two years. Márquez assures that he does not plan to leave the company in the short or medium term. His expectation is to grow professionally and climb the ladder within the company.

Coppel realized that he could retain talent and strengthen his engagement, through a corporate university, that would allow them to study for their baccalaureate, a technical career, a bachelor’s degree, engineering or a postgraduate degree. In its range of options is a degree in Management Development, Software Development engineering, university technical careers in Internal Control and Accounting Management, Retail Trade and Human Capital Management.

The group signed an agreement with AG College and endorsed its curricular model, with a retail approach, before the Ministry of Public Education. Coppel University began operations in May 2019. Since the pandemic began, the entire workforce has taken 65 courses related to product knowledge, safety at work or conscious leadership, among others.

Its most recent program is its own MBA, with which it seeks to train high-level executives, capable of recognizing, creating, developing and taking advantage of business opportunities, while defining, implementing and complying with corporate strategies and objectives.

“For some time we have realized that education within the organizational sphere is the best means for collaborators to develop. We are sure that (the university) gives us the possibility for our collaborators to access better benefits within the organization. In addition, having more prepared people gives us a competitive advantage over the rest of the competitors”, mentions José Ramón Fernández, corporate director of organizational development, design and construction of Grupo Coppel.

The commitment to education has also had an impact on its staff turnover. Fernández refers that they have an index of 38%, a relatively low figure, taking into account that retail is one of the sectors with the highest percentages. According to Antad data, the average is 65%.

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