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COMPANY / SEM campaigns by Wetopi to guarantee a good loading speed

SEM campaigns by Wetopi to guarantee a good loading speed

SEM campaigns have become one of the most powerful strategies to get known in the digital world. They consist of generating advertisements in search engines with the aim of positioning a web page among the first results.

However, for SEM campaigns to be successful there are other important factors to consider, such as the loading speed of the web page. This directly influences the conversion rate and is largely the responsibility of the hosting provider.

Currently, approximately 46% of sites worldwide are based on WordPress. While there are a large number of web hosts that claim to provide WordPress hosting, most are not specialized. As a result of the need for an efficient provider, Wetopi was born, a company that offers a hosting service that guarantees good speed for WordPress-based websites.

The importance of loading speed in an SEM campaign

When SEM campaigns are carried out, the objective is to attract a greater number of clients and sell more. That is, the success of this strategy is closely related to the conversion rate. Online business basically depends on converting visitors into customers, but the fact that a page takes time to load can be very detrimental to the company. In fact, studies have shown that a slow load time causes users to leave the web, even before seeing it. As a consequence, the conversion rate decreases noticeably.

The loading speed of a web page is strongly associated with the type of hosting used. This is the only difference between capable and poor hosting. To a large extent, the speed depends on many factors, and each and every one of them must be optimized by the hosting provider.

Wetopi WordPress Hosting

When looking for hosting for a website, you will most likely run into a large market at low cost that can become a temptation. However, in the long term, that offer that seemed like an opportunity may turn into a headache because it does not have the necessary resources.

Instead, the services offered by Wetopi are efficient relative to their competitors. One of its outstanding features is speed. Each WordPress is installed on its own server, with its resources and settings specifically designed. All this with the aim of maximizing WordPress performance.

Wetopi’s specialized service represents a very good alternative for the implementation of SEM campaigns by marketing agencies. Hiring their services, a good loading speed is guaranteed, which is essential to increase the conversion rate and succeed with the strategy.

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