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COMPANY / Outsource the marketing department of a company with BCM Marketing

Outsource the marketing department of a company with BCM Marketing

Outsourcing is an English word that refers to outsourcing activities or services in a company. In this way, companies can open their doors to new teams to reduce their workload and perform better.

Every day there are more businesses that are dedicated to this practice. An example of this is marketing agencies, since while their clients focus on manufacturing products or services, these agencies create advertising strategies so that the business has more reach. BCM Marketing, a B2B marketing agency specialized in the industrial sector, which offers global or partial outsourcing services, always seeking to satisfy the needs of companies.

Global or partial outsourcing by BCM Marketing

Any company that wants to succeed in today’s world must have a presence in the media, which requires hard work that requires advertising strategies, social media management and much more. Years ago, each company was required to have a space for the marketing department. However, currently only an external advertising agency should be contacted, which is known as outsourcing.

In this sense, BCM Marketing is constituted as one of these advertising departments that work from outside. In this way, customers save office expenses, desks and others, reducing the investment to pay advertisers.

The company offers two types of outsourcing, global or partial. First, BCM Marketing can fully lend its staff, equipment and networks to do all of the advertising work. Otherwise, users can choose to hire only part of the team. In case of choosing the partial plan, the client must have certain responsibilities regarding advertising.

What services does BCM Marketing offer?

BCM Marketing is a B2B marketing agency, that is, it focuses on the advertising of companies that sell to other companies. To achieve this, they employ different strategies and services. On the one hand, they carry out a marketing consultancy in which the market and competitors are analyzed. In this phase, SWOT studies are created, the client’s needs are studied and finally, a plan with a strategy is drawn up and launched.

On the other hand, if the user wishes to have a fixed service, they can request marketing outsourcing from BCM Marketing. In this way, all advertising actions will be under constant surveillance and success will be more certain.

Companies require an advertising strategy to reach their customers and prosper in business. For this reason, the company also provides digital tools for the commercial network. These can be digital presentations, advertising videos or video presentations, technical documentation… In terms of public relations or media relations, this agency can prepare plans, press releases, newspaper articles, among others.

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