Chromecast alternative to Fire TV Stick Lite is closer

A few weeks ago we told you that Google could be working on a new chrome cast. And when we talk about this device, we refer to the latest model launched by Google more than a year ago, which for the first time was an independent device and not just a video receiver. Well, it seems that this latest format is going to have a new generation, and even a new model, which could come with different features and above all with a much more affordable price. At least that is what many hope. And that is what some details that we are knowing little by little are confirming to us.

New data on this long-awaited device

We know more about it not because Google has revealed anything, but because basically it has been seen in one of the essential certifications so that the device can be put up for sale. We are talking about the North American FCCwhere a Google device with the model has passed G454V. It is a wireless device that, due to the model it uses, could belong to Google’s range of connected home products, such as Nest Audio, Google Clips or its Daydreams. The certification indicates that the new device will be manufactured in Thailand, something that the truth doesn’t matter.

The truly revealing comes elsewhere in this passage through the FCC. And it is that according to a text that describes the device, which not only specifies that it has Wifi ac, or Bluetooth to connect headphones. The most important thing is that it has a video streaming at 1080p and 60Hz. In addition, it is detailed that it has a remote control that communicates via Bluetooth, which already gives us an idea of ​​what it could be. And it is that, with these ingredients, what we could expect is a new Chromecast with Google TV with a lower resolution than the one currently on the market.

chrome cast

Chromecast | Google

This offers a maximum resolution of 4K, while this other model would stay in Full HD 1080p. Therefore, it could perfectly be a more affordable version of the current Chromecast. something like the Fire TV Stick Lite, or the standard model, which are cheaper than the Max. If the current Chromecast is priced at 69 euros, this new, more affordable one could cost maybe 29.99 euros or 34.99 euros. And it could become the definitive substitute for the traditional Chromecast. This is still selling for 34.99, but it is a much more limited device, since it does not have an operating system like Google TV and it is limited to receiving content.

In addition, the new model would already integrate chrome cast, so it would offer us two uses in one, and at the same price as the current entry-level model. Not much more is known about him, but it would not be ruled out that, at the Google event around the summer, when he presents his Google Pixel 7, he debuts with a new cheaper Chromecast variant

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