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The Chilean startup launches its new application to facilitate the monitoring of fields and ensure maximum efficiency in management of their crops any mobile device.

Visualizing historical information and at the same time monitoring the fields in real time, receiving notifications about alerts on key soil parameters, or on the approach of weather events, are tools that farmers can access directly on their cell phones. How? Thanks to the new application that the Chilean startup Instacrops is launching.

Keeping farmers fully informed, almost minute by minute about all the needs of their crops, is one of the goals that Instacrops has set for itself.

“The App is a very ambitious project, where Instacrops users will be able to see satellite images for crop monitoring or obtain information on smart irrigation, receiving alerts about the needs of the fields, either because a frost is coming, or monitor the humidity of the soil or its temperature”, explains Fabián Martínez, Chief Agronomist of Instacrops.

Technology behind the new Mobile Application

Instacrops users can download the app available for both Android and IOS devices.

Once installed on the smartphone or tablet, it is now possible to obtain information immediately, thanks to a friendly and intuitive interface that allows direct communication with the services.

“When entering the App, the user will be able to view the polygons of their fields, check information on the sectors such as the number of hectares, type of crop and a legend of how it has been irrigated. When they enter the soil parameter monitoring services section, the user can review a list of their InstaSoil stations and access data from sensors connected to their stations. This includes soil moisture at different depths, usable pond, among others. When the user accesses the Weather services, InstaWeather, they can view the ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, radiation, wind speed and direction, together with various calculated variables such as evapotranspiration, cold hours, cold portions, degree days among others”, adds Francisco Altimiras, PhD. Chief Technology Officer, Instacrops.

For Agtech, this is a very important step that allows them to continue promoting the democratization of access to state-of-the-art technology for farmers in Latin America. “Our new App will allow us to reach many more users who prefer mobile devices to review the information on our services. This application brings all the knowledge acquired by Instacrops at the Web level to both cell phones and tablets, so that our users can monitor their crops on-site improving the user experience of the Instacrops platform. In addition, we will soon launch a free mobile application for our platform, offering weather forecasts such as frost predictions and information contained in satellite images”, adds Altimiras.

In this way, the app will simplify the daily life of farmers, since they will obtain the necessary information for an intelligent management of their crops, contributing to the optimization of the use of resources such as water and energy.

This tool is part of the new features that Instacrops is launching, such as its new business model “Precision Agriculture as a Service”, PAaaS, which goes hand in hand with its growth throughout Latin America, being present in the fields of Chile, Mexico and Columbia.

In 2021 they entered the American accelerator Y Combinator, becoming the first Latin American Agtech to be selected. To date, they have raised USD 3.5 million of private capital led by Genesis Ventures -where the main investor is the British group OxBridge Capital Partners– and also SVG Ventures, a specialized investment program and the most active in the Agtech industry in Silicon Valley . All this allowed them to move their headquarters to the United States in order to continue connecting with more investors.

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