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In Lidl’s online catalog for Spain you can find different models of headphones, some with noise cancellation for those who need to completely isolate themselves from noise, and others that are simpler and cheaper, for those who are looking for something functional to work with, without spending more than 30 euros.

These are the Motorola BT Escape 220 XT, wireless headband headphones designed to be used while working or playing and isolate slightly from ambient noise, for example when making a video call. Usually their price is 27.99 euros, but Lidl has lowered them a bit to 21.99 euros.

It is not a very strong offer, although its low price can be a good opportunity for those who need new headphones and do not want to invest much in the purchase. offer a sound powerful with controller and microphonehence they are good for telecommuting.

BT Exhaust 220 XT

This model is supraural or on-ear, which means that the headphones rest on the ears. Therefore, Motorola has used a soft padding that does not press hard on the ears and can be worn for hours without discomfort. The headband is adjustable and made of plastic.

These types of headphones are usually not as insulating as circumaural ones, but they can help block out some external distractions. Lidl ensures in the specifications that they have good passive noise isolationalthough they do not offer the reinforcement that the active cancellation of other models supposes.

Motorola BT Escape 220 XT Headset

Motorola BT Escape 220 XT Headset



The freedom offered by not depending on cables is another of its advantages, since it makes it easier to move around the room while listening to music or at the same time attending a telematic meeting. In order to free themselves from cable ties, they have a battery that offers up to 24 hours of continuous playbackwhich means several days of work or games of video games.

In terms of sound quality, the BT Escape 220 XT have a 40mm driver for powerful sound. On the edges are the buttons to raise and lower the volume without having to use the computer or mobile. Also here is the microphone that picks up the sound to be able to speak on the call with good quality.

Its dimensions are 19 x 17.9 x 21.2 cm and the total weight is 180 grams. Lastly, it is about foldable headband headphones that fold to fit in any backpack or suitcase and can be taken anywhere with ease.

They are not currently available in physical stores, but they can be purchased through their website for 21.99 euros and receive them at home in less than a week. The return is free, but home delivery involves an extra cost of 3.99 euros.

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