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Best online courses to learn development without code | Technology

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If you would like to create websites for your projects or even for your work, but you have no idea of ​​programming, these courses will help you achieve your goals without the need to learn code.

The Internet is a huge site, practically endless and where everyone has a place. One of the benefits is that on the web we can create our personal and professional corners, but if developing or programming is not your thing or directly you have no idea, do not despair, there are solutions.

There are a thousand and one ways to develop without having to learn code of any kind. Codeless development makes, for example, creating a web page as simple as moving boxes and uploading elements to a web.

Not everyone has to learn to develop or program, that’s why we have chosen some of the best no code development courses to learn everything in the shortest time possible and achieve your goals.

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These courses are perfect for people who want create personal or professional web pages without the need to learn programming. Also to create web pages for companies that want to have their presence on the internet.

They are also perfect courses to open stores without the need for programming and sell your creations or services to everyone on the internet.

All these courses are 100% in Spanish on Udemy and you can access them for life

Create a Website In 2021 – With WordPress And Elementor by Nicolas Melian

Create a Website In 2021 – With WordPress And Elementor

This course taught by Nicolas Melian is available from February 2021 on Udemy and will help you learn how to create a website with WordPress and Elemento, one of the best plugins to create easy websites.

You will have 2 hours of video on demand where they will explain everything step by step to be able to create any website. It only costs 24.99 euros and you have it for life.

Create Stores and Websites from Scratch with Elementor Pro (2×1) by Marco A.

Create stores and websites from scratch with Elementor Pro (2×1)

If you want to continue learning to use Elementorthe famous plugin to drag, move and edit in WordPress, this course by Marco A. on Udemy is one of the most recommended.

It will teach you to create web pages, but also online stores.

It has 116 grades and more than 400 students have taken it. It also has two downloadable resources, 10.5 hours of video and costs 79.99 euros.

Modern Artificial Intelligence with Zero Code by Dr. Ryan Ahmed, Ph.D., MBA and María Santos

Modern Artificial Intelligence with Zero Code

If you think that artificial intelligence could help you in your work to detect patterns or automate tasks, this is a good course to start without having to learn programming of any kind.

The course is described to “create, train and implement AI models to detect people’s emotions”, “predict the insurance premium through distinctive customer traits” or to “Create, train and implement advanced AI to detect cardiovascular diseases” between other cases.

A very complete course especially for companies that costs 189.99 euros and on Udemy it already has almost 800 students with more than 100 qualifications.

WiX: how to create incredible web pages step by step by Miguel López Moreno

WiX: how to create amazing websites step by step

For only 19.99 euros you can access a course to learn how to master Wix, one of the most popular online platforms for creating websites without the need for code.

You have access to 13.5 hours of video on demand and two downloadable resources, plus lifetime access to all materials.

Siberian CMS: create and publish an app in the play store/app store by G. Mizael Martínez Hernández

Siberian CMS: create and publish an app on the play store/app store

Do you want to create applications for Android or iOS without having to learn to develop? With the Siberian CMS content manager you can do it with a few mouse movements and this complete course will help you learn it.

Its cost is 64.99 euros and it contains 3.5 hours of downloadable video, a written article and a downloadable resource.

In this article, ComputerHoy receives a commission from its affiliated partners for each purchase you make through the product links that we have included, something that in no case implies an additional cost for you. However, our recommendations are always independent and objective. You can check our affiliate policy here.

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