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At least two people have been injured in an accident in Simancas

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The incident occurred around 1:00 p.m. on Friday.

The operations room of the 1-1-2 Castilla y León Emergency Center receives several calls reporting a collision involving a truck, a van and a car on the Camino Viejo de Simancas, on the border between Valladolid and Simancas, as a result of which at least two people have been injured, who are also trapped in the truck and the car.

The 1-1-2 gives notice of this accident to the Civil Guard (Traffic) of Valladolid, the Local Police of Simancas, the Municipal Police of Valladolid, the Fire Department of Valladolid and the Diputación and to Sanitary Emergencies – Sacyl, which sends a mobile ICU and a basic life support ambulance.

At the scene, Sacyl’s health personnel attend to at least two people, a woman who is transferred in a mobile ICU to the “Río Hortega” University Hospital and a man, transferred by basic life support ambulance to the University Clinical Hospital.

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