Are Macs good gaming PCs?

The company of the late Steve Jobs, known for its iconic bitten apple, has been a benchmark in the world of computers for decades. His equipment is not only super efficient, but also exhibits well-loved ergonomic, modern and minimalist designs. Who has a Mac, also bets on a lifestyle.

But does the macOS operating system get on well with the video game industry? Are the Macs powerful enough to run titles of all kinds without problem? Let’s see it!

power a problem

The main problem with Mac computers is that to play, for example, triple A titles, you need components that generally don’t come standard with your computers. Also, unfortunately, they tend to be more expensive than their Windows counterparts. This makes it very difficult to play the newest titles on macOS operating systems, whose graphic load can be excessively demanding for Mac standards, which are not designed for it.

However, there are thousands of free games whose mechanics are even more attractive than those of the big productions. In the App Store has a lot of them. But the real winner here is Plarium, especially if you are a lover of online role-playing games. This platform contains dozens and dozens of games that you can load directly from the browser. If you’re into the classics, it’s a must havebecause the quality of its catalog is impressive.

So a Mac can’t be for gamers?

Not necessarily, since the gaming concept does not include a single roadmap. Everything will depend on the type of games you are looking for. All in all, many developers are committed to bringing their titles to Mac, although it is not usual. For example, Blizzard, one of the giants in the sector that Microsoft is trying to get their hands on, has always opted to offer Mac versions. What’s more, it has done so by offering a multiplatform connection, so that users could play against players who had the title on another operating system.

And this is not the only example. There we have Valve, whose offer on Steam is also available for Apple. And we are talking about highly demanded games, such as Counter Strike, Half Life, L4D or Portal. Of course, in recent times, the company seems to be in a kind of impasse, since no new releases are expected on its part. Likewise, the legendary Electronics Arts allows you to enjoy games like The Sims or FIFA on Mac, as well as Activision, which offers users of these computers high-quality titles, such as Fortnite or Call of Duty.

The ace up Apple’s sleeve

This technology company, although it develops its laptops with the world of video games in the background, does not forget the industry. Therefore, look to the future with hope through an expected release: apple-arcade. We are talking about a subscription service that allows access to video games for mobile devices, computers and even smart TVs. The catalog with which it was launched is not negligible, since it had a whopping more than one hundred titles. Currently the list is much larger and will continue to expand over time.

And we are not talking about options in charge of just anyone, since many titles will be developed by geniuses in the sector, such as Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the legendary Final Fantasy saga, who turns 35 in 2022. With these associations, Apple Arcade seeks to compete with alternatives such as Nvidia Geforce Now, Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now. However, it has a long way to go in terms of improvements, since in terms of response speed it is still green and many titles are still to come, especially from large studios.

Conclusions about the possibility of using a Mac for gaming

After this detailed analysis, the conclusion could be a “yes but no”. It is obvious that Mac computers are not designed for gaming purposes. Therefore, they cannot be required to perform at a high level in this area, since it is not the objective of these devices. Despite this, they are perfectly suitable for playing a large number of releases (and even have the support of prestigious developers).

Also, and despite its limited hardware, there are some solutions for the most demanding alternatives. For example, you can resort to a dedicated graphics card with an external adapter. Obviously, this is already going beyond the features offered by a factory Mac, but it is a solution. Of course, as an economic outlay, it is not the best idea, so if you want a computer only to play, it is better that you opt for a gaming laptop to use.

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