Apple unveils new software at a WWDC that will no longer be fully virtual

Manzana starts this monday WWDC Annual Programmers Conference with an event in which it is expected to present software updates and that will once again have a face-to-face component after two years being exclusively virtual due to the pandemic.

Although much of WWDC will once again be remote, Manzana has invited some programmers to its headquarters in Cupertino (California, USA), in a sign of a relative return to normality.

The conference will last until Friday, but the central event will take place on Monday, with the traditional «keynote» or presentation of news by the top executives of the firm.

In it, it is assumed that Apple will announce an update of the operating systems of your phones, tablets and computersalthough as usual the company has not confirmed anything.

According to various media, the biggest change could come for the iPadwith modifications to make multitasking even easier and bring the experience of using this tablet closer to that of a portable PCsomething that many users have been claiming for years.

In the case of iOS 16the new version of iPhone operating systemexperts foresee new functions available from the lock screen and news in the messages application and in the health application.

Developers will be the first to be able to access beta versions of the Apple’s new operating systemswhich usually take a few months to reach the bulk of users.

In addition, some analysts predict that this conference may be marked by advances in the field of augmented reality and virtual realityin which Apple has been working for years but where for now it has not launched its big bets.

Meanwhile, big hardware news is not expected, something that probably the multinational will be saved for the fallwhen he usually announces, among other things, his new iPhone, although the possibility of a new laptop is not ruled out, perhaps a refurbished MacBook Air.

The last two years the WWDC has been exclusively virtual and, although on this occasion the bulk of the programming continues with that format, Manzana has distributed invitations for the “special event” this Monday at Apple Parkthe huge campus that the company has in Cupertino.

The main presentation can be followed live from 10:00 am on Monday, US Pacific time (17:00 GMT).

The rest of the week, Apple will dedicate it mainly to talks and workshops to make programmers aware of the new possibilities of its software and to feed the business of external applications, which it distributes through the App Store and that they are an important source of income for the firm.

Like other technology companies, the company with the bitten apple saw its business soar during the pandemic, although the last few months have been somewhat more complicated due to the global economic situation and problems in the supply chain.

These risks were highlighted by Apple when last April it presented its most recent accounts, which were very positive, with net profits of 59.64 billion (14% more) between October and March, its first fiscal semester.

Sales of iPhone phones and strong growth in its services division, the great commitment to the future of the companywere the main architects of these good results.

The figures, however, did not alleviate the difficulties it is experiencing on the stock market Manzanawhose shares have lost about 17% so far this year of its value.

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