Anker’s most famous wireless headphones for only € 28

Headphones, in today’s market, exist and many. However, if you want to get hold of some good, quality ones at the best price and want to be recommended, at Topes de Gama we bring you the sound core by Anker, completely wireless in-ears that are one of the best-selling and most reputable of Amazon, with a price of authentic madness that now drops below 30 euros. Stay to see them!

Soundcore by Anker: quality

And it is that the first thing we look at when buying headphones is the design that have. These from Anker are shaped like walking stickbut far from the traditional design, the shape they have means that, when inserted into the ear, they are totally ergonomic and remain stuck in it, which is appreciated.

Of course, the sound in headphones cannot be ignored. Wireless technology has advanced to such leaps and bounds that we will practically not notice a difference with a 3.5mm jack cable. These in particular have incorporated Oversized triple-layer 10mm drivers will accentuate that bass and the way to distribute them in your ear.

An important detail is that it has 3 QE modes: the first of them, Soundcore EQ Signature, the default that offers balanced sound for all types of music; then we have the bass booster, which enhances music with tons of bass; finally a way Podcast, which makes vocals stand out clearly, ideal for just that, or radio.

Anker Headphones

The featherweight setting makes them weigh only 4.4 grams, 10% lighter than the rest of the headphones on the market, according to the firm itself. In addition, they say that they are so small and light that they seem «practically weightless» in either ear.

For an optimal connection it has Bluetooth 5.2, the latest technology for a stable and smooth connection. In addition, they will pair almost automatically every time you take them out of their charging case and have your smartphone next to you.

Calls will also be better thanks to the artificial intelligence or active noise cancellationas it has two built-in microphones on the sides that balance the noise that is picked up from outside to pick up a clearer voice and ensure that the other party hears you clearly without the noise around you, such as traffic, or an office.

Interesting is the topic of autonomy, with the case you can complete up to 32 hours of continuous charging. In total, you will be able to make four full charges before the autonomy is completely exhausted. And now at a crazy price!

Price on offer for the Anker on Amazon

Getting them is cheaper than ever today, if they usually cost 39.99 euros, today they are close to their historical minimum price on Amazon: just €27.99! 30% offer for one of the most equipped wireless in-ear headphones on the market. Don’t think about it much longer, and choose your favorite color in the following purchase link:

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