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Every time the users of Android If they change their mobile device, they run the risk of losing a large part of their contact list, however, all the phones of the aforementioned green robot software allow you to store the phone numbers in a section that you probably did not know existed. In this opportunity, from Mag we will teach you to save the contacts in your Google account.

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Let it be clear that you cannot download applications, update them, download games, etc., if you have not registered a Google account on your cell phone, it is an essential requirement when using your device for the first time, why? because in Google you store all kinds of information, from photos, videos, settings and of course your contacts.

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It is important to clarify that you will not need to download external applications, in fact the steps are very simple and the method works for both cell phones and tablets with an operating system. Android.


  • First, find the “Contacts” app on your mobile device.
  • Your entire list of contacts will appear, click on one.
  • At the bottom you will have two options: “History” and “Storage places”.
  • Click again on the name of the contact.
  • And here you will know if that contact is stored in your Google account or Sim card, if it has been saved in the last one, change it to “Google (your email)”.

When you have modified all the contacts, it only remains to log in to your new smartphone, so you will automatically keep your entire contact list.

Why do Android phones charge faster than iPhone models?

It is not that Apple does not have the capacity or the technology to create a fast charge like the Xiaomi 11T Pro (15 minutes from 0% to 100% a 5 thousand mAh battery), in fact it can do it, but, they prefer to choose by trickle charging to keep healthy and extend battery life. The most it offers you iPhone it is a 30W fast charge on its iPhone 13 Pro Max models, the problem is that you must buy a special charger that provides such power.

The company founded by Steve Jobs is aware that constant fast charging can cause the battery to overheat and rapidly deplete “charge cycles”, what does this mean? basically it represents the number of times the battery is charged from 0% to 100%, for example: if you charge your cell phone twice a day, the first from 0% to 50% and the second from 50% to 100%, this means that you have exhausted a charge cycle. In the same way, if you charge it three times a day, two at 30% (they do 60) and one at 40%, it gives a total of 100%, therefore it is also considered a charge cycle.

Remember that a 5,000 mAh battery can last between 300 to 500 charge cycles, then it becomes totally useless, the first symptoms that iPhone device batteries present is that they inflate or discharge quickly. Knowing this, would you opt for fast charging?

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