Amazon’s best-selling wireless headphones are here

The TOZO brand may not sound familiar to you, however, it is one of the best sellers on Amazon, and its wireless headphones are one of the best devices of the moment. In addition to having a lower price than other companies.

In this sense, the most famous headphones of the brand are the TOZO T10, since they have managed to convince more than 260,000 users regarding their relationship between quality and price. These small devices are normally priced at 49.99 euros (1,050 pesos), but now you can find them at 24.99 (525 pesos) on Amazon.

These are the characteristics of the TOZO T10, the best-selling headphones on Amazon

The TOZO T10 are headphones with a compact size and a discreet design. Its tips are made of silicone, having a good grip on the ear and carrying passive noise cancellation. Count on IPX8 protectionso they are waterproof.

In addition to having 8-millimeter dynamic drivers, which offer good sound quality in general. They use connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to other devices.

As for its autonomy, it is known that they can reach 6 hours of continuous playback. When exhausted, it is only necessary to insert the headphones into the charging case to enjoy about 4-5 additional charges, and their total autonomy can be 30 hours.

Finally, these wireless headphones also feature touch controls on the outside, to be able to control music playback without having to have a mobile phone or tablet next to it. The best thing about this moment is that the TOZO T10 lower their price right now on Amazon.

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