After 20 hours with Diablo Immortal, this free RPG is making me take a different look at mobile games

The video game market for mobiles or tablets with Android or IOS systems usually has ups and downs in quality, but Diablo Immortal could be considered one of the best exponents of how to transfer a title traditionally from consoles and PCs to these devices without losing an iota of its essence and fun. After having begun to taste it in depth and with many hours of play in its final version, now it’s hard for me to disengage.

Who has seen and who sees you. This is how I would define -for good- the trajectory that Diablo Immortal has traveled since its controversial presentation at BlizzCon 2018 until its official launch a few days ago. The NetEase Games title, which seeks move the world of Sanctuary to our phones and tabletsis now available for download, both its main version (for Android and IOS systems) like for pcand after having started to go through the world of Diablo again I have forgotten that I was playing a game belonging to a platform family which, on principle, I have avoided many times, but which has now become my most recent addiction. Not only because of the fact that the study in Hangzou (China) has made a commendable work transferring the gameplay and appearance of Diablo III to devices like the vast majority of mobile phones and tablets on the market, but because its structure and ”gameplay loop” feel like it’s a game made for pc or even consoles in mind and also free!

In fact, those who are fans of the world that Blizzard created over 20 years ago will find that the saga feels right at home when played on mobile devices, retaining both the somber tone of its graphics and story, and especially the frenetic and violent action RPG that has given us so much joy over the years. It has been opening their servers, connecting with friends, and once again enjoying those sensations and emotions so typical of the Diablo saga, massacring hundreds of monsters and collecting dozens of valuable items to equip our heroes. So, although we still want to play a lot more to offer an in-depth analysis, after spending about 20 hours on it and also testing the PC version, in this touchdown I want to tell you about my experience with Diablo Immortal.

From Burning Hells to High Heavens

It is so varied in missions and activities that it does not seem to be freeThere was a lot of skepticism around the game but if something is clear to me after these first -my first- contact is that Diablo Immortal is damn funny, and saving the graphic distances, it is basically like playing a portable version of the same titles that have given us so many hours of fun in recent decades. The control, fluency and rhythm of games are perfectly adapted to mobile devices, and it really is a joy to be able to enjoy a title of these characteristics in the palm of your hands. And also without paying a single penny for it.

Without going into detail about its story, situated between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, the overall quality of the game is up to what you might expect from a Blizzard game, but with a few nuances here and there that denote that this action experience RPG is designed for small game sessions either alone or with friends. The main mission has a good script from what I have been able to experience so far and it is engaging, but really, it is still an excuse to slaughter monsters, level up and acquire the best possible loot so that our hero looks imposing and is lethal .

We have a wide variety of Sanctuary locations to explore and a city – Westmarch – that acts as a “hub” where you can socialize and trade with other players, manage equipment and upgrades, or purchase quests and side activities to earn rewards. additional and level up. The flexibility when dealing with the development of your characters is in line with what was seen in Diablo 3, with the possibility of choosing the character’s unique abilities that, in turn, will improve their power as you progress in the game. You don’t have the option to alter hero stats like in legendary Diablo 2, but there are gems you can socket into gear, and blacksmiths that will power up weapons and armor in exchange for gold and raw materials. That is, it is not lacking in customization options either.

All the power of the Horadrim in the palm of your hand

Diablo Immortal: After 20 hours with Diablo Immortal, this free-to-play RPG is making me take a fresh look at mobile gaming

What Devil Immortal seek emulate Diablo III’s art style and game design is something that certainly help introduce yourself very well before those who try it. The transition from consoles and PCs to mobile phones has been carried out with a precision and care that makes you doubt if it is really possible for this game to be free, or the excellent technical section that it boasts. Let me explain: I have been lucky enough to be able to try Diablo Immortal on a tablet Galaxy S8+, courtesy of Samsung, and despite the fact that I had never played an ARPG on a device of this type, I have hardly noticed a significant change to what it could mean to do it with a controller or the keyboard and mouse. With this convenience, the playable formula becomes even more addictive, and the fact that you can choose the way to level up yourself does not make us tire of trying new activities in addition to the story. In short, a game that feeds back on itself and that knows how to keep you hooked despite the simplicity and brevity of its activities. But again let’s not forget that this is a game designed for mobile phones.

It has not given me the feeling of having to resort to microtransactions to progressAs for the technical section, playing on the aforementioned device makes it look supremely good. Sure, the Galaxy S8+ is one of the most powerful and complete tablets on the market today, but ignoring the differences in screen size in terms of other models or mobile phones. I don’t think the difference is very bigas confirmed by my writing colleague Alberto Pastor who have tested it on an iPhone 8 Plus. In that terminal the game works smoothly, except for sporadic slowdowns, although he has told me that after playing for a while his eyes feel a little tired due to the dimensions of the screen itself. And that the game has a standard zoom that shows the action very closely, in addition to the fact that the size of the letters is quite large.

Regarding the graphics, what has been said, looks like a portable version of Diablo 3, and it seems that they have really made an excellent port of additional content of the third part, with the usual news at a playable level, skills and economy, and beautiful graphics even in the mobile version.

Devil Immortal Mac

I still have to play it more, get closer to the level cap, try the group game and reach the ”endgame”, but I would like to conclude this preview of the final version by emphasizing how much fun I am having to play this game and that I think I could go on doing it for many more hours once your story is over. I have not talked about the monetization issue because I have not had the need to check it. I admit that on some other occasion the game redirects me to their in-game store menus with microtransactions to get power-ups or legendary improvement items, but I can tell you that in nearly 20 hours that I’ve played it, it hasn’t given me the feeling that I have to resort to them to progress. They are really One option for those who want to invest in them and not a requirement to progress as it happens in other games.

I will continue exploring Sanctuary in the company of my colleagues from 3DJuegos to bring you as soon as possible a complete analysis with everything you need to know about this free action RPG game that you can now play on iOS, Android and PC through The only thing I can tell you for now is that if you’re not already playing it, I don’t know what you’re waiting for; the game is free and for all Diablo fans, so keep trying it!

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