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Juan Diego Cucit Arizaga is a student of the Bachelor of Business Administration at Universidad Austral Sede Rosario. Originally from the town of Villa Guillermina, he promoted his ideas after participating in the Agromakers of the Stock Exchange Foundation.

Villa Guillermina is a commune located in the Northeast of the province of Santa Fe, in the General Obligado department. Academic, tertiary or university opportunities do not abound there, but there are ideas, drive and entrepreneurship. Juan Diego Cucit Arizaga is a former student from his native Villa Guillermina, who in 2021 began studying the university degree in Business Administration, at the IAE Business School of the Universidad Austral Sede Rosario, says the Rosario portal is more about the story of Juan Diego Cucit Arizaga.

In 2020, their teacher Lucia Mac Lachlan encouraged them to participate in Agromakers, the joint program between the Rosario Stock Exchange Foundation (BCR) and the Educational Innovation Laboratory (LINE) of the Austral University, whose objective is for students to develop innovative proposals in the face of challenges that we face today as a society. That was how she, together with her friend Loriana Molina, presented their venture “Yugo Turismo”, being finalists in the Business Plan Competition in the city of Rosario.

Juan Diego tells that together with Loriana they founded Yugo Turismo, a pioneer travel agency in tourism development in the northeast of Santa Fe. They work designing tourist packages based on three main axes: historical-cultural, natural and rural community; all this in order to revalue its identity, its lands and its idiosyncrasy as a forest town inserted in the northeast of the province of Santa Fe.

Lucía Mac Lachlan assures that for teachers and students it makes a lot of sense to know that through a need it is possible to create projects and, above all, to be able to execute them. “In Villa Guillermina there are many needs, labor is scarce and that is why we defined the project to offer sources of work together. What we experienced was very gratifying because a very affective bond is generated to be able to reach people and discover other needs and, above all, meet different teams that also see the future”, add.

Yugo proposes a way to use tourism directly or indirectly to stimulate the economy of the area; It is also an opportunity to generate jobs, mainly for eight families that have rural enterprises, in a place near the town, called Paraje San Juan. “Many times young people are out of the possibility of fighting against social problems, that is why we decided to get involved because we believe that we are capable of helping by contributing our knowledge, ideas, and whatever is within our reach”, Cucit Arizaga maintains.

In this sense, the environment fostered by Agromakers, the conviction of the teaching team, the entrepreneurial strength of the group of students make projects such as Yugo Turismo transcend the walls of the school, that they are carried out as such, that they acquire substance and are part of community. This latest 2021 regional edition of the Agromakers Program was held virtually with the presence of more than 170 participants from the towns of: Las Toscas, Villa Guillermina, Paraje San Juan, El Rabón, Villa Minetti, Campo Fiant and Tacuarendí.

Juan Diego, expressed that “Agromakers was like a kind of lever to enter the entrepreneurial world. It also helped me to continue advancing and meet the goals that emerged from our ‘Yugo Turismo’ project. In addition, not only do we continue to learn, but we also manage to generate contacts and incorporate new notions into our initiative, such as the circular economy. Agromakers strengthened my choice of university and reaffirmed my decision to choose the Business Administration degree, which I am currently studying at Universidad Austral through a scholarship that the program provided me with.”

Likewise, Loriana Molina, co-founder of Yugo Turismo, added to Juan Diego’s testimony the fact that Agromakers helped them get even closer to their community and allowed them to open their eyes to the richness of their local history. The young woman also highlighted that the program allowed her to achieve not only an external revaluation, but also on a personal level and was grateful for the possibility of having met with mentors and strategic allies who inspired them and helped them carry out their entrepreneurship.

Today Yugo Turismo is made up of a team of five people and they are working hand in hand with INTA. To contact them, go to [email protected]

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