9 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2022 | How to Make Your Online Business Better in 2022

9 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2022 | How to Make Your Online Business Better in 2022
9 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2022 | How to Make Your Online Business Better in 2022

Introduction Of 9 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2022 | How to Make Your Online Business Better in 2022

9 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2022 | How to Make Your Online Business Better in 2022.  9 digital marketing trends. Well, more than trends, perhaps in some cases they are desires to make things online a little better for everyone. And more than digital marketing, as I said before, you can consider them as an online business strategy.

The First Digital Marketing Trend

And I divide them into two categories: one category that is more functional trends and the other is more brand trends, communication, personality, your brand, and in some cases, even the founders. And the first digital marketing trend that I see is the user at the center of everything.

That is, with your online business, with your online company, whatever strategy you do, you must put the user at the center, your client, your potential client, your audience, in general, wherever it may be, on the web, on social networks, in email marketing. Everything you do must revolve around the user and not make a strategy on the one hand and then say hey look.

9 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2022 How to Make Your Online Business Better in 2022

We are going to apply this to my users, no, no. The user in the center then all the strategies they think will go around the user. You can think of it as heliocentrism: the sun in the center and all the strategies you do around the sun, around the user. And this is a very clear trend starting with SEO because Google in 2021 is going to introduce new metrics called main web metrics.

Second Trend In Digital Marketing

That attack precisely focuses on the user. And not just the fundamental web metrics but the overall page experience. If you haven’t seen that video where I was talking a few months ago about how Google is going to be in 2021, I’ll leave it here. So if google pulls down that path, that is to say, put the user in the center, because probably everyone else should follow that example because, in the end, it is good to put the user in the center, it will be easier to add value to that user.

I recently put on my LinkedIn a photo that made me very funny of some users, some parents, I think, who have prepared the crib and some toys for their baby and are hyper happy, they are very proud of the work they have done. Then you see the baby what it is that he sees, and what he sees are the bottoms of the animals with which, on the one hand.

Those who have created the solution are very proud of it, they believe they are the best in the world, but who is going to use that solution, the baby in this case, what is seeing are the bottoms of the animals. And this happens in real life this many times and it does not matter the size of the company from startups to small companies to large companies. You Can Also Read HOW TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESS FROM ZERO IN 2022.

You have a person or a team of people who work a long time on a solution and develop that solution from their point of view and do not put the user in the center and say to see what the experience that we are offering the user will be with this solution that we are preparing. So for any online strategy put the user in the center.

And the second trend in digital marketing is a little linked to the first and is respect marketing. With your online business, you should respect the user, whether it is a client, of course, if he is a client you should already be respecting him, a potential client or simply people who pass by. Everyone should be respected from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel.

Respect Marketing Has A Lot To Do With Common Sense

Respecting means not cheating, for example, saying I’m going to give you an offer but it is only valid today and they return to your website next week the offer is still valid, which is why you have deceived me, to begin with. Respect is also respecting my time if I am going to consume your content, present it to me in the most efficient way possible for me not for you as the capital of the company but for me as a user.

Respect me with email marketing: don’t bombard me with messages, 40 messages in a week, you are not respecting my time. Respect marketing has a lot to do with common sense. We as owners of small companies, small, freelancers, freelancers, startups, many times think too much of ourselves; Well, I invite you to put yourself in the shoes of the user, in the shoes of the people you want to reach, then think if.

What you are doing, whatever strategy you do, would you like to receive it from a company. And if you have doubts then you should probably change them. The number 3 trend I see in online business is generosity as a competitive advantage. And what does this mean? Well, this means that you give before asking, that you stop selling and start serving people.

You Can’t Be Giving Free Content Forever

That before looking for a sale you add value. And yes, this takes effort, you have to give rather than ask. But if you want to build a brand and a brand can be a person, it can be a freelancer, it can be a startup, it can be a small company, a brand, your brand, if you want to have a respectable brand in the long term, start by being generous. And more in these times.

Offer yourself to people if they need help and offer it selflessly. Of course, we all want to get sales, whether of a product or a service, but the sale will come; the sale will come if you are generous, to begin with. And of course, the sale has to come, we all have to eat and you can’t be giving free content forever, it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s fine, both are fine.

9 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2022 How to Make Your Online Business Better in 2022

It’s okay to be generous to start with, and it’s okay to be continually generous while also looking for a sale – one doesn’t exclude the other. It indeed requires more work because it is an investment, you are investing your time to build respect, and that people trust you. So once you have obtained that respect, your audience, your followers, your leads, when you launch a product or a service.

The Fourth Trend In Digital Marketing

They will be more predisposed to buy from you than from a competitor who has not been generous at all, who goes on sale direct from the beginning. And since I’m listening and you’re saying: now, this is very nice, the theory is that at the end of the month I have to pay bills and if I don’t make three sales this month I can’t pay the bills. And it’s true and we’ve all been there or are there.

So get those three sales as you can, if you have to call 50 people, make announcements on social networks, get those three sales as they are but do not forget that as a basic strategy generosity will take you much further to your brand in the future. The fourth trend in digital marketing, and this one is more about digital marketing, are the #nocode tools.

That is, the non-code tools that anyone can use without having great technical knowledge. And this is an advance not of this year but recent years. Right now you can build a relatively simple website, use email marketing tools that are also simple with automation and you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge. In the end, whether an online strategy works or not is one more thing of common sense.