8 reasons why you should buy an Xbox Series X

A few days ago we told you about the reasons why it was a good idea to buy an Xbox Series S, the little sister of the console that we will talk about today, the Xbox Series X. Well, in this article we will explain 8 reasons why you should buy an Xbox Series X if you want to acquire a powerful new generation console with the capacity to fully enjoy your favorite video games, and although today due to the great demand for this console we continue to have problems with Xbox Series X stock, little by little they open new avenues to buy it such as options Refurbished Xbox Series X from the Microsoft Store.

Well for us these are 8 reasons why you should buy an Xbox Series X if you want to step into the next generation.

Backwards compatibility with previous games

Buy an Xbox Series X - Catalog

Something that we like about the Xbox Series X, as opposed to what happens with other consoles on the market, is that this console is fully compatible with games from previous generationseven the Xbox 360 ones, you’ll actually have the chance to see graphical improvements that make them look a lot better on Xbox Series X than they did on their source console.

This means that if you buy an Xbox Series X you can choose to play more than 2,500 games found in Xbox Game Pass or you can buy them in the main digital stores at affordable prices. In fact, you can also buy them physically if you are a lover of the ritual of releasing a game in this format, since this console, unlike the Xbox Series S, does have a disc player, so you should not worry if your game library in physical format it is very large and continues to grow.

Games specially optimized for the console

Buy an Xbox Series X - Catalog

If Microsoft has shown anything, it is that it likes to take care of its product and thus take care of its users, since in the end the user is the one who pays for the game, and there are many games that are exclusive to Xbox that have been reviewed and improved for superior performance on Xbox Series X. That’s why as we mentioned in the previous block, you will find that many games have a very high performance compared to what you can expect from an Xbox 360, for example.

To give you an example, the Halo collection can reach 4K and a frame rate of 120 fps, and we are talking about all the titles, from the first one that came out for Xbox to Xbox One. The most recent one obviously already has all these graphic and performance improvements, which adds a plus for lovers of a specific saga. And this is something we should be thankful for, not only because it encourages us to replay classics that have marked us in one way or another, but also because it demonstrates Microsoft’s intention to take care of its product and its players.

To give another example, we can also talk about gears 5a game that despite its years has been improved and is now capable of using ray tracing and improvements in its textures and framerate.
Be that as it may, it is clear that heVideo games are increasingly demanding in terms of graphic powerand the consoles must adapt to these new needs of the players with hardware that makes the most of these demands.

exclusive games

Buy an Xbox Series X - Catalog

If there is something that opens a continuous debate between players, it is the list of exclusive games for each console, since for many it is the determining point when choosing a platform.

Microsoft is aware of this and is not far behind, something that has become clear with the purchase of important studios by Microsoft such as Bethesda or Activision. Right now Xbox has exclusive games with a fan base of millions of players around the world. For example, and without going any further, the acquisition of Bethesda can encourage users to decide on the Microsoft console, since now fans of these sagas have the possibility of playing titles like DOOM either fallout on Xbox Series X as the primary platform.

not to mention mythical and incombustible exclusive sagas such as Halo or Gears Of War, titles that have followers all over the world and have a very wide fandom. Titles that you can also enjoy continuously through Xbox Game Pass, the subscription that has revolutionized the world of video games and that has made Xbox a benchmark platform in the world of video games.

It is the most powerful console on the market

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We know that this is something that generates a lot of discussion among the community, and honestly it is not something that we want to reopen at this time. But we believe that any reasonable user will admit that Xbox Series X is a monster with overwhelming graphic power and of which we are still a long way from seeing its graphic ceiling.

In most performance comparisons, Xbox Series X comes out ahead of its competitors, having the performance of a high-end PC at a much lower price, so if you are looking for a powerful console with an hardware ready to play at the highest level for a long time, Xbox Series X is your console.

No reliability issues

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Like any good electronic device, there is one fundamental thing to take into account, and that is its reliability. It is useless for us to have the most exclusive, beautiful or powerful console in the world if it breaks after two months of use.

Obviously, no console is exempt from suffering some reliability problem, since it not only depends on external factors but also on the use that we give to the console and the care that we give it. However, one -or several- specific problems of some users are not taken into account as recurring failures of a system, and that is why we can say that Xbox Series X is a really robust console that has not given us any reliability problems since its launch.
Gone are harsh memories of «the three red lights of death» from Xbox 360. Xbox Series X is a console that has been intelligently manufactured and taking advantage of a simple design to maximize cooling of internal components.

This is the sophisticated Xbox Series X cooling system, the Vapor Chamber or steam chamber

It has the best command on the market

Once again we return to a debate that can generate controversy, but in this case we must say that the Xbox controller in general seems to us the best controller on the marketboth for comfort and performance and durability.

Xbox has long been characterized by an ergonomic and functional control design, with a very good button layout and quite high performance. In addition, we always have the option of taking a leap in quality with the Elite controller or other licensed PRO controllers from other manufacturers such as Razer or Thrustmaster.

The Xbox Series X controller works on batteries, although it is possible to use batteries and charging bases for those who do not want to use the rechargeable battery option, something we talked about a few days ago.
Another feature of the Xbox controller is the possibility of mapping the controller through the console, being able to adapt it to your liking for each situation.

Also, since the last generation, a new type of collector has appeared, and that is the controller collector, since Xbox has released a lot of different new controllers to collect, from controllers with different colors to controllers fully customizable with the Design Lab .

‘Quick Resume’ to quickly switch games

8 reasons why you should buy an Xbox Series X 2

Thanks to the Quick Resume function you’ll be able to switch from one game to another in just 8 seconds and return to it at the same point where you were, something that may seem silly at first, but once you get used to using it, it’s really interesting.
Let’s say that for example you are playing Forza Horizon 5, and between races you want to take the opportunity to continue a bit with the campaign of a game such as Halo Infinite. Well, with this option you can switch between games with impressive fluidity.

This is very similar to what we do on our mobile phones, which we have at least 2 or 3 applications open and we can switch between them quicklyJust like on a computer, we can switch from one program to another in seconds. So it is a good addition to a game console, gamers can sometimes be indecisive, so much so that in the middle of a game we probably want to play another.

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You can play wherever you are

8 reasons why you should buy an Xbox Series X 3

Although this is not an exclusive feature of Xbox Series X, it is something to consider when buying a console, since we are exploring new ways to consume video games and Xbox is one step ahead when it comes to offering us the possibility to enjoy our catalog of games anywhere -and almost- on any device.

This is possible thanks to Xbox CloudGaming that allows us to take our games wherever you go through the cloud, allowing us to play on other devices such as smartphones or tablets.
In addition to xCloud, we also have the possibility to use the option Console Streamingwith which you will be using your Xbox Series X as a server for streaming, and we must say that this takes the quality up a notch compared to other Xbox models.

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