7 Programs Business Intelligence BI 100%

7 Programs Business Intelligence BI 100%
7 Programs Business Intelligence BI 100%

Introduction Of 7 Programs Business Intelligence BI 100%

7 Programs Business Intelligence BI 100%. Business Intelligence or BI is a technological solution that serves to classify, prepare, analyze and present data in a way that allows management and teams to make business decisions based on information. A business intelligence tool is software that collects, processes, analyzes, and displays large amounts of scattered data.

The Integration Of BI With Artificial Intelligence

Which can come from very disparate sources such as documents, forms, images, files, emails, videos, website codes, social networks, etc. These types of tools can do many things, including creating ad hoc reports, performance metrics, data visualization, data analysis, dashboard reports, KPIs, and more. Turn raw information into useful data. And turn data into useful knowledge.

You will know better how it works and how your business will work, and you will make better decisions. The use of BI among companies is clearly on the rise. And the prospects are very interesting. The integration of BI with artificial intelligence has the super-power to turn commercial users of any business into true data scientists in a very short period.

On the other hand, the integration of NLP Natural Language Processing in BI systems makes it easier for employees without a technological profile to formulate queries and obtain the correct answers. In real-time. The application that I am going to present uses this technology. And if we integrate BI, NLP Natural.

Language Processing And Artificial Intelligence

Language Processing and artificial intelligence (through chatbot, for example) the process of preparing and presenting data would be perfect for people involved in all stages of the business. If your company is thinking about it, this is the right time to implement BI technologies. Currently, the BI market leaders are Power BI from Microsoft.

Tableau from Salesforce and Qlik, which by the way, three offer free or simplified freemium versions, useful for learning, starting or for SMEs. that you have here and in this way, you will be able to attract more customers, better organize your business, be more efficient, productive and profitable, and achieve greater digital influence.

Through ERP, CRM, Project Management, disruptive or emerging technologies, marketing, and some legal issues for companies in the process of digital transformation. Best Business Intelligence Programs 100% FREE BI and Opensource Software The developer firms of the BI programs that I am about to comment on.

Software Business Intelligence Opensource License

Offer a commercial version; and another open-source, of the highest quality and security, fully operational but with some functional limitations. It is open-source software (that is, its source is open and can be revised, reused, or modified). And it’s 100% free. And I am going to present them in no order of preference. 1. Seal Report is an open-source tool for Microsoft.

Net Framework is written entirely in C # language. It is an application that facilitates the production of daily reports and dashboards from any database. Its characteristics include its ease of installation, and to design customized reports. Dynamic SQL sources Native dynamic tables Subreports Graphs HTML 5 (compatible with the Libraries ChartJS, NVD3, and Plotly). You Can Also Read Trends In Business Process And Task Automation.

Software Business Intelligence Opensource License: Apache Version 2.0 GitHub 2. TIBCO Jaspersoft Community Edition Jaspersoft is an integrated BI solution, that is, integrates reports, analytics, dashboards, and data visualizations within the application. It presents a powerful design, in terms of user experience and technology customization.

It Offers Business Intelligence Functionalities

It allows to carry out any type of reports or analytics, even interactive graphics in HTML5. And it is fully modular. Available as an Eclipse plug-in or a standalone application. And it is distributed through three packages: JasperReports Server CE JasperReports Library CE Jaspersoft Studio CE Business Intelligence Software Opensource License: GNU AGPLv3.

On your website 3. Hitachi Vantara Pentaho Community Edition Pentaho is a free set of tools with different functionalities: a report engine, a report designer, and a report SDK. Through these components it allows technology and business users to easily access, visualize, explore and exploit all the data that impacts business results.

In this sense, it offers Business Intelligence functionalities Ad hoc reports Benchmarking Dashboards Key performance indicators Performance metrics Predictive analysis Profitability analysis Publish and share data Strategic planning Trend and problem indicators Visual Analytics Business Intelligence Software Opensource License: GNU GPLv2 on their website and at Sourceforge 4.

A High-Level Business Intelligence Software

BIRT BIRT is a high-level business intelligence software project within the Eclipse Foundation. It has an active community of more than 2.5 million developers. And technology companies like IBM, Cisco, S1, or ABS Nautical Systems are directly involved in the project. It is a powerful data reporting tool based on Eclipse. that allows you to create reports and integrate them into web applications or clients.

There are two sections of BIRT functions: A visual designer, to develop any type of designs and runtime functions. Business Intelligence Software Opensource License: Eclipse Public License: on their website Eclipse Foundation 5. Helical Insight Helical Insight is a developer-friendly open-source BI framework built in Java and the frontend is HTML and CSS.

It has instant BI functionalities. Equipped with machine learning technology and NLP algorithms. Customization and design of your workflows according to your business processes. 100% web browser-based Analysis of reports, dashboards, maps, what-if analysis, infographics, etc. Business Intelligence Software Opensource License.

A Powerful Business Intelligence Tool

GitHub and Sourceforge 6. Metabase is a powerful business intelligence tool that answers data-related questions from users. It uses NLP Natural Language Processing technology. The tool responds in the format that makes the most sense: a bar graph or a detailed table, for example. Business Intelligence Software Opensource License: GNU AGPLv3.

SpagoBI – Knowage SpagoBi is a reporting tool with data analysis functionalities, with graphing capabilities. And tailored solutions, such as geolocation analysis, social media analysis, web analysis, self-service, and simulation analysis. It also has task synchronization functions and supports query engines for Big Data. Features:

Reports in multiple formats HTML, PDF, XLS, XML, TXT, CSV, RTF). Multidimensional Analysis Charts of all kinds: histograms, pie charts, bar charts, area charts, scatter charts, line charts, bubble charts, scatter charts) and interactive. KPIs Ad-hoc reports Geo-location intelligence Advanced data processing Network analysis: animate entities or inanimate .

Business Intelligence Software Opensource License: Mozilla Public License 2.0: Own website Very good, so far this brief presentation of Best Programs of Business Intelligence BI 100% FREE and Opensource Software. If you found it interesting.