7 FREE SEO TOOLS 2021 ✅ SEO Tricks for Beginners

7 FREE SEO TOOLS 2021 ✅ SEO Tricks for Beginners

Introduction Of 7 FREE SEO TOOLS 2021 ✅ SEO Tricks for Beginners

7 FREE SEO TOOLS 2021 ✅ SEO Tricks for Beginners. Free SEO tools, from that we will speak today. Specifically, 7 SEO tools. They are all free because all They belong to Google. And they are all quite easy to use. So if you are especially a beginner, you have a business online that you recently set up or you didn’t care much for web positioning so far.

Start Typing Keywords And See The Recommendations

But Do you want to get a little more to occupy those top positions of Google, then this video is for you. The first tool I recommend is the Google Ads Keyword Planner. The planner will give you many ideas to generate your content on your website, that is, it will help you with searching for keywords. You can attack the matter in two ways.

One is you start typing keywords and see the recommendations that the planner. And another, that I find particularly interesting is to start with a URL. Here the idea is clear: you are going to enter the URL of your competitors, that is, you want to see for which keywords are your competitors are getting traffic on google what which is fantastic.

Google is going to tell you both the volume of traffic that page has a month like a competition of that keyword. The competition is going from low to high. So if you are one small or recent website you want to go for keywords with competence low and with a volume of at least 500 searches per month.

The Second Free SEO Tool From Google

That does not seem too little because 500 searches a month, if you position above, google well, you’re going to have good traffic per month, only for one keyword. So in the word planner, google ads key you are putting the URLs of all your competitors and they will go leaving all the words alone key or at least keyword ideas for which you should position your Web.

The second free SEO tool from Google is google trends. Ie google trends. Google trends give you a general idea of the popularity of a keyword for a certain country. The first that you have to decide is which country you want to position. Google trends what it gives you is the tendency of a keyword over time. So what you want is to optimize for a keyword.

The whose trend in time is ascending, that is, that more people are using it or more people are searching for it on google. What not you want is to optimize your website for a keyword whose tendency is too low. Why? Well, that is because the trend is downward, and fewer and fewer people are looking for that keyword, which would be a bad decision as a rule.

The Third SEO Tool Free Is Google Analytics

Another interesting aspect of google trends is that you can compare several words key with each other and if you have doubts on which to select from the two, google trends say the most popular one. Which is most popular doesn’t necessarily mean that you should optimize for that keyword. Here the fair balance, the perfect dance, is to find a balance between search volume at month and competition for that keyword.

If you liked this tool, give us a like that Olaf will thank you eternally. The third SEO tool free is google analytics. With Google analytics you will be able to see what are the metrics of your website, that is, how many visits do you have per month, where those visits come from, demographics, bounce rate, that is, what percentage of visits see only one website and then they go which is bad. You Can Also Read 9 SEO ERRORS 😢 That Destroy Your Website.

I mean, your bounce rate should be short. Also, the behavior of the user on your website: which pages you enter, on which pages it appears, and all that data will allow you to make future content decisions what are you going to create but also how to optimize the content you already have. AND how we live in a very busy then surely you are going to go to google analytics every day to see your data; I certainly do not go.

So a very useful functionality is Google analytics alerts. For it, you just have to go create alerts and you can do it for anything: if you have a traffic spike, yeah you have a drop in traffic if your sales go up if your sales go down. With anything with any metric, you can create an alert and google will send an email every time occurs an alert so you don’t have to go constantly google analytics to see the metrics that interest you.

The fourth free SEO tool

The fourth free SEO tool that i recommend is google search console. What google search console tells you is if there are problems with indexing and the google crawl. I mean, if Google can see correctly all the content of your website or is there a problem then I recommend that you focus on two reports. One of them is the results search, which tells you.

Why keywords people are you finding, countries from which they come to those visits, most visited web pages, appearance, etc. And the other report What I recommend you look at is that of coverage. Coverage will tell you if Google finds crawling errors on your web pages. If google finds tracking errors then that content is probably not going to show in the search engine whereby your priorities should always be verified.

The fifth free SEO tool that I recommend is page speed insights

That the coverage is perfect, that is, that there are no errors. The fifth free SEO tool that I recommend is page speed insights. This basically what it tells you is how fast do you load content into your website. Page speed insights give you two numbers: one for mobile and one for computer. The mobile will always be worse because a web page always loads worse on a mobile.

And there, in the own google page speed insights page, you going to say the possible improvements that you have to do to improve the loading speed. The faster load your website, much better for him user. Something above 2-3 seconds of charging becomes worrying. Normally, from what I see, the elderly problems come from the photos. Most websites use photos that are too heavy, that is, photos that are not optimized to be displayed on a Web.

So the first thing you should do is, before uploading photos to your website, you have to optimize them and edit them with an editing program Photos. It doesn’t have to be photoshop if You do not have it. But any editing program free photos. So reduce the size as much possible but keep the quality of the Photo. Something around 100KB it’s okay. And of course there is none reason to have gigantic photos of several megabits.