7 Best 100% FREE ERP Programs and Open Source Software for 2022

7 Best 100% FREE ERP Programs and Open Source Software for 2022
7 Best 100% FREE ERP Programs and Open Source Software for 2022

Introduction Of 7 Best 100% FREE ERP Programs and Open Source Software for 2022

7 Best 100% FREE ERP Programs and Open Source Software for 2022. The ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning or Enterprise Resource Planning systems are characterized by making a set of integrated management applications available to the company. ERPs share a common process and data model.

Which Automate And Cover End-To-End Operational Functions

Which automate and cover end-to-end operational functions, in areas such as Purchasing: contract management, products/prices, integration with suppliers Sales Inventory management: batch control and series, transactions and transfers Manufacturing: materials, operations, shop floor management, work orders, quotes. Manufacturing:

Visibility of costs and margins. Material’s list. Programming. Manufacturing capacity planning Human Resource Management Native e-commerce or integration with platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop .. Supply Chain Management Accounting and Finance: Accounts payable and accounts receivable.

7 Best 100% FREE ERP Programs and Open Source Software for 2022

Bank reconciliation Financial statements General ledger Financial consolidation Management fiscal Electronic invoicing The flexibility of free software allows adapting both accounting and payroll to the financial and accounting regulations of countries such as Spain and its autonomous communities, Mexico, Colombia, United States, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba.

An ERP Acts As A Catalyst For Business Innovation

Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others. And to the provisions of the tax agency, AEAT of Spain, SAT Mexico, DIAN Colombia, DGII Dominican Republic, AFIP Argentina, SII Chile, SIN Bolivia, SUNAT Peru, or SRI Ecuador .. etc.

And in terms of sectors, ERPs are used in multiple vertical Sectors: Energy and environmental companies agro-food industry and Food processing Automotive industry Metalworking industry Manufacturers of plastic products Schools and universities BioMed clinics and hospitals and pharmaceutical industry.

Discrete manufacturing Commercial distribution Textile, Clothing, shoes and fashion Manufacture of electronic products Machinery and Equipment Electronic manufacturers Furniture factories Services sector, commercial distribution, professionals from all areas, etc. An ERP acts as a catalyst for business innovation and digitization, as a platform for business process efficiency.

ERP Open Source Software Is A Code Created

As a vehicle for the standardization of internal processes and with third parties and as a vector to maximize cost savings in company information technologies. Meaning Opensource and Free about an ERP Open source software is a code created and distributed legally, under a license that allows it to be accessible to the public: anyone can see, modify and distribute the code in any way they see fit. You Can Also Read Growth Hacking or Digital Marketing | Which is Better to Grow Your Business and its ROI?.

The fact of being able to review every detail of the code gives an extra contribution to transparency, quality, and security. For this reason, large business software providers such as SAP, Microsoft, or Oracle are turning to this type of business model. They are producing and promoting Opensource software.

Open-source software is usually cheaper, has a better ROI, is more flexible and stable over time … than its proprietary alternatives. What does 100% free ERP mean? 100% free ERP software means that the software developer allows its use completely free of charge, with no time limit. It is not a demo, nor is it freeware.

A Legal Opensource License And Are 100% Free

The applications that I am going to mention have a legal opensource license and are 100% free, to download and self-install on company computers or the Internet. But free does not mean that there are no costs: Your company must carry out the implementation or implementation of the software Parameterization and customization of it to fit your business processes.

Data transfer and migration from legacy or third-party systems and interfaces. Adaptation of commercial documents And carry out training or education of the personnel, who will be users of the application. And perform periodic maintenance and updating of the system. All of which implies costs in many hours of your staff dedicated to these tasks.

If your company does not have adequate staff, there are consulting companies and ERP software integrators that offer these services. If this is your case, contact me because I can help you. What are the 7 Best Free and Opensource ERP Programs for 2022? I’m going to mention ERP systems in reverse order. That is, the last ones will be the best valued. 7.

Axel Open Suite ERP

Axel Open Suite ERP It is a platform with a Low-code / No-code programming approach for business applications ERP CRM and BPM. Axel Open Suite is modular and you can start small. Which reduces the complexity of this type of software and improves the responsiveness of business processes. The ERP includes the following modules:

Customer relationship management CRM Sales management Financial and cost management Human resources management Project management Inventory and supply chain management Production management It is multi-company, multi-currency and multi-lingual It is a very ERP focused on Service Companies Manufacturing Public sector and Commercial distribution Functional Coverage of ERP:

Commercial administration: Sales Marketing Contracts Business project Human resources management: Employees Expense account Timesheet Fleet management Collaborative work: Social networks Project Documents Helpdesk Financial management: Accounting Billing Budget Supply Chain: Purchasing Inventory or Stocks Production Quality Opensource License:

Metasfresh ERP Community Edition

Axel is distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 . Free Download: Own website and GitHub 6. metasfresh ERP Community Edition It is a fork of the Adempiere software with very interesting features. It is very focused on the agri-food sector, wholesale trade, and services. ERP Functional Coverage: Contract Management Supply Chain Management Distribution Resource Planning

Document Automation Manufacturing Resource Planning Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Ledger Sales Purchase Inventory Bank Account Management Payment Management Shipment Management Billing and CRM License: GPLv2 / GPLv3 100% Free Download at GitHub 5. Tryton Tryton is a business management software, ideal for companies of any size, easy to use, complete, and 100% Open Source.

Also, it is a modular and scalable system. It includes all these fully integrated functions Functional Coverage of the ERP: Financial Accounting Sales Inventory Management Analytical Accounting CRM Procurement Supply Chain Manufacturing Shipping Project Management Subscription management Automate integration with third parties: with banks, carriers, websites, etc.

The Most Agile ERP On The Planet

Opensource License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 100% Free Download: on own website Here you can see what the graphical environment of ERP 4 looks like. ERPNext In ERPNext they define themselves as the most agile ERP on the planet. Functional Coverage of ERP: Accounting Complete accounting module that covers all aspects of accounting.

HR and payroll Manage the entire lifecycle of employees from onboarding, payroll, attendance, expense claims, and assets to when they leave the company. Manufacturing Multi-level bill of materials management, production planning, job cards, and inventory. Sales and Purchasing Management CRM Project Management Budget and profitability analysis, tasks, timesheets, problems per project.

Helpdesk to improve the service experience, with an intuitive problem tracker and an integrated knowledge base. Asset management Maintain and manage the details of assets, their movement, value adjustment, and depreciation. And Website, with facilities to create blogs, web pages, and forms. Opensource License: GNU General Public License version 3.0.

ERP CRM Web Knowledge Management Functional Coverage

Totally free Download: Own website and GitHub 3. Apache OFBiz Apache OFBiz is a modular and flexible suite of business applications that can be used in any sector. ERP Functional Coverage: Apache OFBiz has a complete set of useful business features including Accounting: Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable General Ledger.

7 Best 100% FREE ERP Programs and Open Source Software for 2022

Fixed Assets Cash Management etc. CRM, order management and e-commerce Warehousing and inventory Manufacturing and MRP Product and catalog management Promotions and pricing management Supply chain compliance Contracts, payments and billing Opensource License: Apache License, Version 2.0 100% Free Download: on your website.

This is the download website for ERP 2. ERP5 ERP ERP CRM Web Knowledge Management Functional Coverage of ERP: – Accounting and finance: supports most advanced accounting approaches such as multi-dimensional budgeting and analytical accounting, accounting activity-based, project accounting, interim accounting, etc.

Odoo ERP Community Edition

Asset Management Simulation-based Cash Management – CRM – Human Resources – Inventory – Manufacturing – Point of Sale – Knowledge Management – Trade – Website – Billing – eGovernment Opensource License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 100% Free Download: on your website.

1. Odoo ERP Community Edition Odoo ERP is a stable, reliable, and well-established business application in the market. It is characterized by its ease of use and quick learning. It has a 100% free open-source version and a paid version, Odoo Enterprise, to which they add posting services in the cloud, a complete accounting module, and other valuable features.

Odoo ERP Community Edition Functional Coverage: Finance: Billing Expenses Document Management Signature Management Sales: CRM Sales Point of Sale Subscriptions Rentals Websites: Website Builder eCommerce Blogs Forums Live Chat eLearning Inventory and MRP: Inventory Manufacturing Purchasing Maintenance Human Resources: Employee Portal Employee Management Hiring Absences Ratings References Vehicle Fleet Management Marketing.