6 Free Tools for your Online Business 2022

6 Free Tools for your Online Business 2022

Introduction Of 6 Free Tools for your Online Business 2022

6 Free Tools for your Online Business 2022. Six free tools that you should use in your online business. Free or semi-free or freemium. These tools and online businesses are a universe in itself. There are thousands of tools and one can go crazy trying to use all of them. It is true that to keep an online business active you probably need more than six tools but.

You Need At Least One Tool For Your Content Strategy

These six are the ones that we at Tribu Olaf consider that should be at the top of your priority list. You need at least one tool for your content strategy. The first one is Google Search Console. This is a free tool, it is from Google, and Google Search Console will tell you if there are crawling and indexing problems with the content of your website.

This, in simple Spanish, goes to say if Google has problems understanding the content of your website and indexing the content, that is, copying your content and pasting it into its database. Ideally, you should not have problems. But if you have problems, Google Search Console will tell you what the problems are and how you can solve them.

Because if Google has problems copying-pasting, that is, indexing your content, then your content runs the risk of never appearing in Google search results. The other tool for analyzing traffic is Google Analytics. This is a classic. Google Analytics gives you a huge amount of data on how people behave on your website, entry pages, exit pages, why keywords are finding you, demographics of visits, conversions, etc.

Another Tool To Identify User

Another tool to identify user behavior on your website is crazy egg, that is, crazy egg. The crazy egg is the literal translation. Crazyegg will give you visual data through heat maps of how users behave on your website. This is especially useful when you launch a website for the first time or have redesigned your website.

So, when you design your website or when you do the redesign, you try to take the optimal solutions for your business but hey you are always assuming things. So, once you launch your website or redesign it, you have to make sure that the decisions you have made are correct for the user. And the crazy egg, what it is going to give you are heat maps, that is. You Can Also Read GOOGLE 2022 🚀 The Future of Web Positioning in Google.

How people behave on your website: where they click, how they scroll, which pages they visit, and it gives you all this very visually. What’s more, it will give you a video for each user. That is, you can spend your life watching videos with each user who visits your website. The idea is not that you see thousands of videos a month if you have thousands of visits.

Crazy Egg Is A Paid Tool

The idea is that from time to time you choose a few videos and see in a general way how your users behave. This is very useful if you have serious design errors. That is, all the users of your website always appear on a certain page, or all the users of your website do not click on a link that you want them to click. So you have to find out

Which elements or pages on your website are not working and then make improvements on those pages. But without a tool like crazy egg, you won’t know. Crazy egg is a paid tool but they have a 14-day trial and when the 14 days are over, you can use their competition called hotjar that gives you another 14-day trial. With.

Which you have 28 days free to use this type of tool. With which, in most cases, it will be enough. Every online business needs a tool to send emails. That is, an email service provider. In this case, at Olaf, after having tried all the email service providers out there under the sun, we have two favorites: Klaviyo, if your website is built on Shopify, we find it to be.

The Last Tool That We Recommend That Every Online Business

The best integration out there, and yes your website is not created in Shopify, we recommend GetResponse. Especially for small businesses, GetReponse is fabulous because it offers a lot of functionality, and functionality that you cannot find elsewhere, such as within GetReponse, the possibility of doing webinars, or creating landing pages, or even creating complete conversion funnels.

And last but not least, every online business should try a little social media ad. And if you are going to create ads on Facebook, then before you start making ads, it’s a good idea to spy on what types of ads your competition is doing. With which, the last tool that we recommend that every online business should use is the Facebook ad library.

If you go to the Facebook ad library, you can search either by keyword, for example, sneakers, or you can search by the name of a company. For example, if my competitor was Zara, well I go to the Facebook ad library, I search for Zara, and I see what types of ad they are doing right now. This is a good exercise because you can give me ideas about creatives.

I can do, that is, types of photos that I should use if we share the same audience, and since we are competitors, we will probably share the same audience, and also types of text you should use. If you have large companies in your market to compete with, they have much more budget to do tests. So the ads you see now on Facebook are the ones that are working for them. They have probably ruled out others that don’t work.