5 SEO POSITIONING TIPS | How To Position A Website In 2022 In Google

5 SEO POSITIONING TIPS | How To Position A Website In 2022 In Google
5 SEO POSITIONING TIPS How To Position A Website In 2022 In Google

Introduction Of 5 SEO POSITIONING TIPS | How To Position A Website In 2022 In Google

5 SEO POSITIONING TIPS | How To Position A Website In 2022 In Google. I’m going to give you five SEO positioning tips so that you can put your content up in the top positions of Google and if it is getting more complicated because there is more and more content online then you have to work smarter and not harder and that’s not.

The Traffic That I Am Getting Now In An Organic Way

The first piece of advice that I give it to you then first advice is that you be patient if you create good content and then do the pse or on the page well then be patient do not be in a hurry here I show you this website a website that because all the traffic that I am getting now in an organic way without paying google because I would not have it the same thing happens with from youtube for example.

This article and it is not something exceptional it is quite common it took three months to start getting some important traffic until then until those three months the traffic was not bad for a small channel but after three months is when it started to get more traction and youtube started promoting it more and again if.

5 SEO POSITIONING TIPS | How To Position A Website In 2022 In Google

I had waited only a couple of weeks or a month and that I created is worthless because what a tremendous mistake so be patient with your work or the second piece of advice I give you to position yourself in google this year is that you identify very well the balance between volume and competition and I spoke a lot in my course.

The Competition Is Tremendously High

I wish to undertake Edores digital and this is one of the keys I wish if you create content for something that nobody looks for because nobody will find you and on the other hand, if you create content for a theme that thousands of people millions of people They search per month but also the competition is tremendously high because then.

It will be very difficult for you to position then the scale of competition volume has to be balanced neither here nor here something balanced for example it does not make much sense to create content for a topic whose monthly search volume it is less than 500 searches in the best of cases if you position one in google you will get that 30 percent of the traffic. You Can Also Read 10 TIPS TO START A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS.

That is 150 visits because 150 visits per month for all the work involved in creating content on a topic may not deserve It’s worth it if this article is adding value to you, I would appreciate it if you would like it. After all, that’s how YouTube is going to promote it. You article a little more people who are trying to do it or the third advice that.

SEO Positioning Strategy Is To Base Your Decisions

I give you for your SEO positioning strategy is to base your decisions on data that is to say your opinion your personal opinion does not count or should not count what counts is what you The data says if the data is telling you to do this topic even if you do not like it very much, hey, it does this topic and if the data is telling you not to do.

This topic even if you are fascinated by creating content on that topic then do not do You can do this well, but you are probably not going to position if the data is telling you that you are not going to position then you go to your SEO decisions in data not in your opinions the fourth bone advice that I can give you is that you do not take shortcuts perhaps.

You do not have patience is to say the number one advice and you want to take shortcuts you do not want to wait 36 months to get results and you take shortcuts how to do black hat techniques is dec Go try to fool google and make it think that your website is something that is not to make google think that you are much more important than you really are and there are many black hat techniques.

SEO Strategy Not Only For Now

If you search a little online for example you can get thousands and thousands of inbound links to your website for $ 510 and you can say hey, good business, all of a sudden overnight I’m going to go from 2 visits a month to my website to 2000, well, no, that doesn’t happen in real life. that does not happen because google what looks is that your website has organic growth is a continuous curve.

That is growing in this way is not an ordinary curve that is to say 0 1 ok google see right away that you have made a technique to deceive you and these techniques in the vast majority of cases go through black hat techniques such as buying incoming links in a massive way that do not do it in life because it will be your downfall.

You can get a result tomorrow or next week, but right away, that is, you will not arrive even after 2 hours, Google will catch you, it will say hey, you are cheating me, it wants to be the smart one in the class, well, look now, I’ll send you to page 100 of results and goodbye all your SEO strategy not only for now but for the future your company your business has.

Start Doing Seo And A Value Proposition

Just disappeared from google and you are going to have tremendously difficult very difficult to re-position on page 1 of google so do not use Shortcuts the fifth advice I know what I want to give you is that you have a value proposition before you start doing seo and a value proposition is basically telling your visitors to your potential clients.

Why they should care about you because they should buy from you because they should read your content to you and not to another person and not to a competitor then if you do not give a clear and unique reason to users why they should do business with you and not with another company Well, your entire seo strategy will be much more difficult and the opposite is also true when you have a unique value proposition and differentiated from the rest of the competitors, it will make your task much easier to focus on having a value proposition first. to start doing SEO.