5 cheap laptops for less than 10 thousand pesos to buy in April 2022

Processor: Intel Core i5 1.6GHz


SSD: 128GB

Price: 8,717 MXN

The lightest laptop Manzana. It should be noted that the product we found is refurbished, which means that it is not new from the factory and maybe not, but it is inspected and guaranteed by the store. With excellent battery life, OS X Yosemite and a 1440×900 LED display it’s attractive, light enough to carry around, but we wouldn’t ask too much of it as a MacBook Pro. It can be for students or for common use.

‎HP Laptop 14-cf2512la

Processor: Intel Pentium Gold


SSD: 256GB

Price: 8,499 mxn (in discount)

Is hp laptop is ideal for students and for some remote office jobswith a high-performance processor and a good amount of memory RAM that offer a light and fast experience, although not too much. In fact, it is capable enough to run some basic games, however we would not demand the same from a gaming laptop. His battery is one of his best points while the ssd hard drive It does not have as much space, which may not be a problem for some users, but it is for those who want to store a lot of things.

Some reviews on the internet are not so positive, so you may want to think about it before deciding to buy it.


Which one caught your attention the most?

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