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It’s Monday (sorry to remind you), so return to the daily news summary on The most important news of the last hours, in headlines.

Today at 19:00, Spanish time, is celebrated the apple developer conference, WWDC 2022. It will present the news of iOS 16 and the rest of its operating systems and apps, as well as some computers, and other surprises. We will tell you everything live on

Tomorrow will be the key date for the European Union definitively adopts the universal charger with Type C connectionwhich will force all devices (including iPhone) to use this charger.

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technological news

The final agreement to adopt USB-C as the only mobile charging port in Europe would be announced on June 7. read the news

Firefox already translates texts into 12 languages ​​with AI without connecting to the Internet, a great advance in privacy. read the news

A store adds the tab of a Mac Mini with M2 processor and a Mac Mini Tower, one day before Apple’s WWDC 2022. read the news

Now it will be impossible for them to steal your WhatsApp account thanks to the double verification code. read the news

Apple’s mixed-reality headset is set to leave in 2023, and there are Hollywood directors involved in the project. read the news


How to password protect photos on Snapchat. read the tutorial

We thoroughly tested the promising Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro. Read our analysis and opinion

How to create your own ringtones on iPhone. read the tutorial

computers and tablets

Microsoft will make it that easy for us to install all our applications on a new computer. read the news

How to fix an unstable WiFi connection that drops all the time. read the tutorial


GlassOuse PRO allows disabled people to use their mobile phones, PCs, or play video games without hands. read the news

The Galaxy Watch 5 “is already visible” in the latest beta version of Samsung Health. read the news

Xiaomi presents its new air conditioner that will refresh any room in just a few seconds. read the news

Review of the Canon PowerShot PX, your automated amateur photographer. read the report

A cup of coffee makes a difference: if you drink coffee you will have less risk of death. read the news

Alternatives to Google Translate: the most reliable websites and apps to translate texts online. read the report

Guide to buy a portable hot and cold air conditioner to enjoy all year round. read the report

Best Universal Travel Power Adapters You Can Buy. read the report

entertainment and gaming

The Netflix series that has aroused passions since it premiered in 2013 returns on Friday. Read the news

6 movies with giant spiders and insects that will make you very scared. check the list

The best movies with time travel and paradoxes in history, do you know them? check the list

One of the best science fiction series is canceled by HBO Max, but there is hope. read the news

Are all TVs the same? Even my mother knows that. read the report

These are the best PC gaming wheels you can buy. read the report


They create a solar-powered station capable of charging electric vehicles on a university campus. read the news

This is the first city in Spain that you cannot drive into without a DGT sticker. read the news

Android Auto 7.8 beta is available and you can try it now. read the news

This important Google Maps feature is no longer present in Android Auto. read the news

science and culture

The longest plant in the world is longer than some countries, and has lived 4,500 years. read the news

What is Foodtech or food technology? read the report

How does wind power really work?. read the report

The Alps are turning green in record time due to climate change: a comparison shows us. read the news

The curiosities of the day

The best way to understand how an escalator works is… by creating one out of cardboard. read the news

In which direction does the girl rotate, the optical illusion that explodes on TikTok. read the news

They get a floppy to store 512 GB of data, although it could store up to 28 TB. read the news

A clip, two batteries and a buzzer is all you need to make your own homemade door alarm.. read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!

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