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Top Quotes from PM Modi’s Chintan Shivir Speech

Last Updated: October 28, 2022, 14:46 IST

This Chintan Shivir of HMs in Surajkund is an excellent example of cooperative federalism: PM Modi (ANI Photo)

Addressing a ‘Chintan Shivir’ of state home ministers, PM Modi also advocated close cooperation among the states to tackle crimes and criminals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday proposed the idea of “One Nation, One Uniform” for police, saying it is just a suggestion for consideration and he is not trying to impose it on the states.

Addressing a “Chintan Shivir” of state home ministers, Modi also advocated close cooperation among the states to tackle crimes and criminals.

He said cooperative federalism was not only the feeling of the Constitution but also the responsibility of the states and the Centre.

Here are the top quotes from the Prime Minister’s speech:

– “The One Nation, One Uniform for police is just an idea. I am not trying to impose it on you. Just give it a thought. It may happen, it may happen in 5, 50, or 100 years. But let’s give it a thought.”
– He also urged the state governments to review old laws and amend them to the current context as he batted for coordinated action by all the agencies to meet the emerging challenges of law and order and security.
– “Working together of states for internal security is a constitutional mandate as well as responsibility towards the nation.”
– Law and order is not restricted to one state now. Crime is turning interstate and international. With technology, criminals now have power to commit crimes in states. Criminals beyond border are misusing tech. Coordination between agencies of all states and between central and state agencies essential.”
– “Amid various challenges, strengthening of the country’s unity during festivals is a reflection of your preparations. Law and Order is states’ responsibility but these are linked to the unity and integrity of the nation too.”
– “When the strength of the country will increase, the power of every citizen, every family will increase.”
– “Be it cybercrime or the usage of drone technology for the smuggling of weapons or drugs, we will have to keep working on new technology for them.”
– “We entered 5G era. 5G has several benefits and awareness is also needed for the same. With 5G, there’ll be manifold improvement in facial recognition technology, automatic number plate recognition technology, drone and CCTV technology… We’ll have to be 10 steps ahead of crime world.”
– “In past few years, all govts have acted responsibly to demolish ground network of terror… We need to handle it by combining our forces. We’ll have to defeat all forms of Naxalism – be it gun totting or pen wielding, we’ll have to find a solution for all of them.”

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