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How Does Rajasthan’s Pilani Manage It? News18 Finds Out

Pilani is the only city in Rajasthan, which has not one, but two functional municipalities.

While the first municipality – Pilani — existed since 1944, it was bifurcated into a second one – Vidya Vihar Municipality — in 1959 as the state considered the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani campus a separate city with the increasing number of students and residents.

The Pilani Municipality Board caters to the needs of the city, while Vidya Vihar Municipality governs the affairs of the BITS campus.

Currently, the Vidya Vihar Palika area has around 17,000 inhabitants. The Pilani municipality takes care of five parks in and around the city.


After the formation, the Vidya Vihar municipality had the status of a nominated municipality. The aim of this municipality was development of the BITS campus and extending facilities to students and officials working on the campus.

Vidya Vihar municipality now covers 25 wards. (News18 Hindi)

The first meeting of the Vidya Vihar Municipality was held on November 18, 1960. In the beginning, all nine members of the municipality were nominated by the state and collector. It had only four wards, which were increased to 13 in 1974.

The number currently stands at 25. Since 1994, the municipality has witnessed continuous elections. Its first elected chairman was BK Sood and he was also the director of Birla Education Trust.

Phul Singh, the first EO of Vidya Vihar Municipality, said, “On demand of the BITS management, the state government established a separate municipality for it. The management felt that a separate municipality would be a great help for thousands of families residing on the campus. This would also shield the campus from local political interference.”

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