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10 Ways to Promote Your Website for Free —

Do you want your website to receive more visitors? There are plenty of online platforms with which you can promote your website for free. You simply have to find which ones are the best for you and your brand.

Before you start, keep in mind that the better you know your audience, the better your website promotion will work. For example, if you make jewelry, Pinterest is the place to go to find potential buyers. Also, if you have a sports blog, there are platforms, like Twitter, that are better for promoting yourself.

This guide explains 10 of the best ways to promote your website for free. Keep reading and you will know the advantages that each platform has.

Top 10 ways to promote your website for free

  1. Facebook. Considering that it is the most well-known social network in the world, Facebook is the perfect place to promote any business. It allows you to create a page for free, share information, post photos and interact with potential followers. Do not forget to share content from your website on your Facebook page on a regular basis in order to attract traffic to your website. On this is something that can be done quickly using the Publicize tool, with which you can share content on most of the popular social networks.
  2. Google MyBusiness. If even the pages of your website are already indexed in Google, create a free listing in Google MyBusiness to achieve a higher position in search results. Include information about your business, such as your contact information and the URL of your website, so that it automatically appears when people search for your type of business on Google or Google Maps.
  3. Twitter. Twitter can be an essential platform to promote your website to your audience. Hashtags are used to share your content with potential followers who might not otherwise be able to find you.
  4. Quora. Quora is a website that allows you to share knowledge and in which users pose questions on any topic that are answered by experts in the field. It is not possible, nor should you, promote your website directly, but you can build your reputation on the internet by establishing yourself as an expert in your sector. For example, an interior designer on Quora can answer questions about remodeling projects from users. Include the name of your business and a link to your website in your Quora profile and you will surely catch the attention of people who will be impressed with the professionalism that your answers convey.
  5. Instagram. Instagram is a platform that is built on the ability to share photos with the community. There is no doubt that Instagram is a promotional tool that is better suited to some businesses than others: fashion, travel, food, etc. But don’t let this stop you, because with a little creativity, Instagram allows you to promote practically any business as long as it is visually appealing.
  6. LinkedIn. In its beginnings, LinkedIn was born to connect companies with potential employees; now it has been transformed into a truly “social for business” platform. Create a page dedicated to your company on LinkedIn, a great way to consolidate your professionalism and attract quality traffic to your website.
  7. Sector business directories: If your business has a physical location, directories are tools that have a double function since they promote both your storefront and your website. The directories that best suit your needs vary depending on what your business is. Take a look at this list from HubSpot where you’ll find the most popular directories that best fit your business.
  8. Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform that is loved by users who are interested in discovering styles, gift ideas and trends. If you have great photos that you like to show off, a Pinterest board is the perfect place to show them off to users who have the same interests and interests as you.
  9. Websites of your colleagues. If you know people who have blogs that are related to your website, it’s worth partnering with them so you can promote your website for free. Ask a colleague to write an entry about your business and link it to your website. You need to make sure you create authentic relationships, not mere link exchanges, in order for the promotion to be credible.
  10. YouTube or Vimeo. If you have video content on topics related to your business, upload it to your website. To promote your website and reach a larger audience, you must share it on these super-known video platforms.

Take advantage of promoting your website for free

To promote your company’s business, you need to promote your website, and the more times you can do it for free, the better. Luckily, thanks to social media platforms and online directories, it’s never been easier to promote a website. People who discover your website through these platforms already have a prior interest in the content or services you offer and, therefore, are more likely to contact you.

With the help of the free strategies that we have just explained, promoting a website will become a daily activity that will not have any additional cost for you.

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